3 Best VoIP Apps for iPhone in 2023

The top voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) app for iPhone enables you to manage your company’s phone conversations while on the road and works smoothly with mobile iOS devices. It offers the option to distinguish between personal and professional calls and rapid access to essential business phone features like call forwarding, visual voicemail, and caller ID. In this article, we analyzed the features of each VoIP operator and examined the top iPhone apps available.

Based on our review, the best VoIP apps for iPhone are the following:

  • Vonage: Best overall, easy to use, and customizable VoIP iPhone app
  • RingCentral: Top choice for complete call management capabilities
  • Nextiva: Ideal for team collaboration and customer engagement in one app

Vonage: Best Overall VoIP App for iPhone

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What We Liked        

  • combines with Siri’s unified inbox for personal and professional numbers
  • 43 calling features are included in all plans.

Where It Falls Behind

  • Business inbox is more expensive.
  • At the top layer, visual voicemail becomes available.
  • No tablet version of the mobile app exists.

Vonage Monthly Pricing (per User) *


Auto-attendant, SMS/MMS, call blocking, contact history, call forwarding, call hold, caller ID, and do not disturb (DND) are all available for $19.99.


Multi-level auto-attendant, limitless video meetings, and CRM connection are all available for $29.99.


$39.99 for call grouping, visual voicemail, and on-demand call recording

Given its superb usability and flexible business phone options, Vonage is our top VoIP software for iPhone users overall. You may keep a single professional identity by using its unified interface to manage calls, texts, chats, and video meetings connected to your job. However, you may manually add users, phone numbers, premium services, and extensions via the admin interface. All plans come with 43 voice features.

There are 18 premium add-ons available, including on-demand call recording, virtual assistant, online fax, and virtual extension. The monthly cost of add-ons ranges from $4.99 to $49.99. A premium Vonage service for SMS, MMS, and Facebook chat is called the Business Inbox.

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Vonage Features

Call continuity: 

When a power outage occurs or there is a crisis, the phone signal loss is automatically detected. By doing this, you may redirect incoming calls to a different backup phone number of your choosing.

Visual call park:

Up to two active calls may be parked and picked up from accessible virtual waiting rooms. When the call is parked, it is put on hold, and the red signal turns on.

Custom call tag:

Give a phone number or extension a label. When an incoming call connects to your business line, the label is added to the call data so you can quickly determine the call’s origin.

RingCentral: Best for Advanced Call Management

RingCentral: Best for Advanced Call Management
RingCentral: Best for Advanced Call Management

What We Liked

  • all call features included in the standard plan
  • 300+ third-party integrations, including advanced call options like call park and call flip

Where It Falls Behind

  • Limitations on the number of SMS that may be sent Mobile user extensions that cannot be used for calls

RingCentral Monthly Pricing (per User) *


One phone number cost $30, including with 100 toll-free minutes, unlimited U.S. and Canadian calls, 25 SMS segments, visible voicemail, multi-level auto-attendant, call queues, and call management.


$35 gets you a thousand toll-free minutes, 100 SMS segments, comprehensive call monitoring, auto-call recording, hot desking, and business analytics.


For $45 you may get unlimited cloud storage, 200 SMS segments, 10,000 toll-free minutes, and device analytics.

Free test:

14 days

For company owners who require direct access to numerous calling functions from their mobile devices, RingCentral is the finest iPhone VoIP software. You receive all the features of a standard landline desk phone in addition to a host of improved VoIP features including auto-attendant, call park, and call flip. This gives you the ability to perform sophisticated call management tasks including routing incoming calls, leaving voicemail for unanswered calls, and transferring calls across devices.

RingCentral is more than simply a phone service since it is the industry’s top business phone system. Additionally available in a user-friendly interface are video meetings, team chat, business SMS, and fax. Your phone system may be integrated into your processes thanks to the many connectors it offers with well-known third-party apps.

The disadvantage is that firms with simple VoIP requirements can find RingCentral’s unified communications (UC) features to be excessive. In this situation, take into account a supplier like Ooma, which offers a basic business phone system that is simple to operate and starts at a low monthly cost of $19.95.

RingCentral Features

Call screening: 

Your phone’s caller ID will show up when a call comes in, giving you the choice of answering, rejecting, ignoring, or leaving a message.


Two RingCentral users can go from an ongoing one-on-one call to an ongoing video meeting using this functionality. Both users are able to share a screen.

Call forwarding:

To make sure no calls are missed, reroute incoming calls to another number, such as your workplace, residence, or mobile.

Nextiva: Best for Team & Customer Communications

Nextiva: Best for Team & Customer Communications
Nextiva: Best for Team & Customer Communications

What We Liked

  • simple to use mobile app
  • characteristics for rich cooperation
  • bundles of a lot of toll-free minutes

Where It Falls Behind

  • No indefinite SMS
  • Requires browser pop-ups rather than in-app log in
  • On this list, one of the costliest suppliers.

Nextiva Monthly Pricing (per User) *


Unlimited calls to the US and Canada, 1,500 toll-free minutes, auto-attendant, call log reports, 45-minute video conversations, and call group service are all included for one phone line for $30.95.


3,000 toll-free minutes, 1,000 SMS/MMS segments, multi-level auto-attendant, and CRM interfaces are all included for $35.95.


12,500 toll-free minutes, voicemail transcription, call recording, and 2,000 SMS/MMS segments are all included for $45.95.

Free test:

7 days

For iOS users who wish to interact with teams and connect with clients in a single unified work center, Nextiva is our number one recommended VoIP software. You may do more by using the NextivaONE platform, which combines communication, productivity, collaboration, and customer management, without having to deal with several tabs or programs. Access VoIP features like call routing, sophisticated voicemail, and personalized caller ID with the Nextiva mobile app.

Nextiva is the costliest choice on this list, with a starting monthly per-user charge of $30.95. We recommend giving OnSIP a try if you’re a solopreneur on a limited budget because it provides a completely free plan for phone conversations and brief video conferences.

Nextiva Features

Anonymous call rejection: 

Calls from unknown callers should be ignored. When activated, all anonymous calls are automatically rejected, preventing any message from being left by the obnoxious caller.

Do not disturb (DND): 

All incoming calls to your phone will be automatically ignored once this function is activated. The caller will either be connected to voicemail or a specified location or hear a busy tone.

Selective call appearance: 

Make a list of requirements that must be satisfied for a call to connect to your phone. Set the parameters for how calls should be redirected if the requirements are not satisfied.


VoIP applications enable entrepreneurs, groups, and staff members to use their workplace phone system from anywhere. A VoIP solution separates personal and business interactions without the need for an additional device on top of advanced phone capabilities. Users may optimize their business connections by using a VoIP software for the iPhone that works flawlessly with iOS devices.

Our top choice for the finest VoIP app for the iPhone is Vonage. 43 corporate phone system features, a user-friendly mobile app, and fundamental third-party connectors are all included in all tiers. As your business expands, it is simple to add features and integrations to your plans thanks to its a la carte pricing choices. To find the ideal package for your company’s needs, get in touch with its sales staff.


Is there a backup option if my VoIP connection goes down?

To guarantee that all incoming calls are answered, VoIP service providers let users set up call forwarding. You may direct it to a different phone number, a different device, or voicemail. In any case, there will never be a disconnected message for the caller.

Is there a disadvantage to using an iPhone for VoIP calling?

Yes. Even if a VoIP mobile app is practical, it needs a strong internet connection to function properly. Even if a VoIP company enables HD voice calling, the call quality will suffer if you are in a spot with a spotty connection.

Do I need to connect my iPhone VoIP app to my computer?

No. VoIP platforms can be used in a web browser or as a downloaded software for desktop or mobile devices. Due to the fact that VoIP services are hosted in the cloud, you may access the network without any physical equipment by using a steady internet connection.

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