Apple Watch 8: The Newest Smartwatch for Apple Lovers

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The Apple Watch Series 8 may appear dull in comparison to the brand-new Apple Watch 8 Ultra, but don’t be fooled – improvements to health tracking, safety, and networking appear to make the greatest smartwatch even better.

All of the notable Apple Watch Series 8 enhancements can be found on the inside. The new watch has the long-rumored skin temperature sensor as well as the long-awaited low power mode, which can increase the battery life of the newest Apple Watch to 36 hours. The Apple Watch 8 also has a new accident detection capability that takes advantage of better motion sensors to provide immediate assistance when you need it the most.

Otherwise, not much has changed, which is consistent with what I’ve grown to anticipate from the Apple Watch year after year. As Apple maintains the $399 starting price for the watch, incremental improvements continue to pay off. Oh, and it includes watchOS 9.

It needs to be seen whether it is sufficient again this time around in a complete review. For the time being, here are my first thoughts of the Apple Watch Series 8 and a summary of all the new capabilities.

Apple Watch 8: Price

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The Apple Watch Series 8 costs $399 for a 41-millimeter GPS-only device and $499 for a GPS + cellular variant. Meanwhile, the 45-millimeter size will start at $429 and go up to $529 with cellular support.

This year, there are two new Apple Watch models to pick from: the $799 Apple Watch Ultra and the $249 Apple Watch SE (2022). You may recall that the original Apple Watch SE started at $279, thus that model received a $30 discount – a move that makes sense given the discontinuation of the Apple Watch Series 3… finally.

Apple Watch 8: Design and Color

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The applewatch 8 appears to be the same as the Apple Watch Series 7, with the curvier frame and reduced display bezels introduced last year. This screen is designed for the new watchOS 9 faces, however, no more faces are available for AppleWatch 8.

The iconic digital crown and side button may be seen on the side of the Apple Watch Series 8. The second action button is available only on the Apple Watch Ultra. Again, I doubt you’d be able to tell the new flagship Apple Watch from the previous one.

Unless, of course, you pay great attention to the colors. Midnight, Silver, Starlight, and Product Red are the colors available for the Apple Watch Series 8. Blue and green watches are no longer available, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Furthermore, getting the finest Apple Watch bands for your taste allows for customization.

Apple Watch 8: New Temperature Sensor

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I’ve already hinted at the new features, but let’s take a closer look at the skin temperature sensor included by Apple in this update. The skin temperature sensor helps Apple’s health suite in two ways: sleep tracking and cycle tracks.

Deviations in baseline nightly temperature may help you keep track of what external circumstances influence your usual slumber. Consider traveling or consuming drinks.

Perhaps more convincing is how skin temperature monitoring might help with fertility tracking.

Changes in wrist temperature have been shown to be reliable predictors of ovulation (opens in new tab). Whether you’re attempting to conceive or monitoring problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), the new sensor appears to be useful for predicting ovulation based on skin temperature readings via Apple Health and AppleWatch 8.

In terms of privacy, all cycle tracking data is encrypted end-to-end, and data may be removed at any moment. You may also choose who has access to your health information. For example, you might wish to discuss your cycle details with a fertility specialist.

Apple Watch 8 New feature: Crash Detection

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Crash detection isn’t a new Apple Watch Series 8 capability that I hope no one ever needs to put to the test, but automotive accidents can happen. Apple Watch has always offered fall detection and emergency SOS functions, but crash detection is a new type of safety measure made available by Series 8’s enhanced motion sensors.

Inside the Apple Watch Series 8, there are two new motion sensors, as well as an enhanced gyroscope and accelerometer. Together, these can collect motion 4x quicker than previously, allowing the watch to identify a crash as it occurs. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the Apple Watch will immediately phone 911 and inform your emergency contacts. Though it’s a sobering concept, faster assistance might be the difference between life and death.

Apple Watch 8: Battery Life

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The Apple Watch Series 8 has a long-desired feature of mine: low power mode. Yes, older Apple Watch models offer Power Reserve, which allows you to see the time even when the watch is nearly dead. However, the Apple Watch’s new low-power mode, which borrows from the iPhone, will block certain battery-draining capabilities while remaining the gadget fully useable.

During my time with the watch, I was able to activate low power mode from the control center, prompting me to choose which functions would be sacrificed. The primary one is the Always On Display, which is understandable.

The Apple Watch 8 may last up to 36 hours in low power mode. Otherwise, expect the same old 18-hour charge cycle. I’m curious to see how or if low power mode affects my Apple Watch charging schedule.

Apple Watch 8: Overall Look

When I was stationed at the presentation table with the new Apple Watch devices, I grabbed the Apple Watch Ultra first, choosing between the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. That’s not to say I didn’t try on the Apple Watch Series 8; I did.

The skin temperature sensor, crash detection, and low power mode appear to be useful enhancements to the experience. Will they be sufficient? Stay tuned for a comprehensive review of the Apple Watch Series 8!

Apple Watch 8: Availability

Apple Watch Series 8 preorders are now available, with full availability scheduled for September 16. So you can go for the series 8 preorder and get your favorite applewatch 8 on September 16.

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