ArcDroid CNC desktop plasma cutter from $2,100

A new desktop CNC plasma cutter called the ArcDroid, developed by a team located in Toronto, Canada, may be of interest to makers, hobbyists, engineers, and mechanics searching for a simple way to cut through metal as easily as butter. The plasma cutter features a fantastic Simple Trace function that makes it simple to enter bespoke patterns into the plasma cutter by just tracing them with the wand arm. The plasma cutter has been particularly designed to be simple to use and setup.

The best cutting dimensions for ArcDroid are 26″ x 15″ (660 x 380 mm). The arm’s reach will extend by around 10% outside of specified limits, although cutting precision will suffer. The lift on the Z carriage is 2.5″. (65mm). Providing a maximum normal cutting speed of around 200 inches (500 cm) per minute and a maximum quick move velocity of 350 inches (880 cm) per minute.

Early-bird contributions for the unusual initiative start at about $2105 or £1559. (Depending on current exchange rates).

“A decent tool shouldn’t require an update in order to function. Using an iOS or Android smartphone makes long-term support more challenging and increases the likelihood that your gadget will become outdated. In order to cover about 98% of the cuts that most individuals will wish to do in their home shop, we have optimized the size of the ArcDroid. ArcDroid is the ideal blend of portability and usefulness.

Worldwide shipment is anticipated to start somewhere in February 2022, assuming that the ArcDroid financing campaign meets its necessary pledge level and fulfilment moves through without any major hiccups.

“Yes, you may produce computer generated CAD/CAM files for use with the ArcDroid using Fusion 360 and other tools. You must use a Post Processor plug-in that is compatible with your application; we will have a number of suitable Post Processors that you can download for free from our website. Make sure you choose “in computer” for cutter compensation when producing a cut file.

Plasma cutters and welding equipment generate a significant amount of RF and electrical noise, which can interfere with wireless signals. Your ArcDroid will function in almost any area if it is linked to a control tablet with a shielded connection since it is immune to this electrical noise. Yes, you must supply your own plasma cutter. The ArcDroid does not come with a plasma machine; thus, during initial setup, you will need to execute a quick calibration procedure to make sure it is compatible with your machine and plasma torch.

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