Connecting Apple’s AirPods and MacBook Pro 2020

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By Erric Buttlar

AirPods and AirPods Pro can be connected to Macs instead of iPhones, and Apple provides instructions on how to do so.

It’s great to be able to wear AirPods with your iPhone 11 Pro. You can create a Reminders list with Siri and use musical sounds. While not everyone carries around a MacBook Pro 16-inch, many people do, which makes the AirPods a perfect pairing.

Apple devices can easily be connected to an iPhone, but you can also connect to another device, like a MacBook Pro.

Your iPhone needs to be connected to your AirPods before anything else. It will make things go more quickly if you link them to your Apple ID.

They can be paired with an iPhone if they’re brand new.

  • You must unlock your iPhone to use it
  • Be sure to keep your AirPods case on hand
  • Disconnect your AirPods
  • Let the iPhone recognize them

Follow the screen to pair AirPods

Other phones can’t use AirPods. Set them to factory settings.

There is a small, round and white reset button on each edition of AirPods or AirPods Pro.

Close the case after placing AirPods in it. When the AirPods are still inside, open the lid and press the reset button. It’s important to hold the case so that you can see the charging light.

The light then flashes amber for a moment. To activate the AirPods, hold your iPhone close to the case.

Switching to MacBook Pro

The AirPods will show up in the speaker menu if you’re logged into the same Apple ID as your iPhone. You can also simply choose the AirPods from a list of devices in the MacBook Pro menubar by clicking on the speaker icon.

Usually, that is exactly what happens.

When it fails

It might be that your MacBook Pro uses a different Apple ID. If AirPods do not appear on the Mac, reconnect them to Bluetooth.

One of two ways can be used to begin this process. On a MacBook Pro, select Bluetooth preferences in System Preferences or from the Bluetooth icon in the menubar.

There are some advantages to using Bartender 3. Menubar items are not removed, but they’re arranged so you won’t have to see them every day.

If you don’t want to use Bartender 3, you can enable Bluetooth in System Preferences. You must follow the steps below in either case.

MacBook Pro and AirPods

Using Bluetooth

Taking AirPods out of their case

Organize both AirPods by placing them in the case

Keep the lid open while pressing the reset button

A white charging status light indicates the battery is charging

Your MacBook Pro will let you choose AirPods from its device list

Connect here

When you return to your iPhone, you may have to repeat the pairing process. Furthermore, Bluetooth is not a very robust technology and you may experience problems when switching between devices.

When that happens, third-party apps may help you.

Solutions from third parties

For AirPods to work smoothly with your Mac, ToothFairy was the first app to be released. This Mac app speeds up connections and makes them more reliable.

It seems that these apps speed up pairing times and reduce the number of pairing failures.

Bluetooth’s problems cannot be fixed by them. They cannot be magic potions. But if you have to switch devices frequently, ToothFairy’s one-click switching is valuable.


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