Easily way to louden your AirPods

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By Erric Buttlar

Even if the sound level on your AirPods Pro or AirPods is faulty, you can turn them up as loud as you like. The volume can also be adjusted.

Be certain you want your AirPods louder before turning them up. Ear damage is easy to happen with AirPods. In case your neighbours have just discovered the radio and you are working at home, turn down the volume.

In a volume fight, you have no advantage over them since they use loudspeakers and you use AirPods.

AirPods Pro are better because they are noise-cancelling.

There are two reasons why you should adjust the volume if you have regular or Pro AirPods. Sometimes they don’t work, and sometimes you want them louder.

Maxing out the AirPods’ volume

According to the device being used, AirPods have different volumes. Playing music on your iPhone will allow you to adjust the volume of your AirPods.

The exception is AirPlay. When streaming video to an Apple TV, it is not possible to adjust the volume on an iPhone. A volume control must be set on the Apple TV.

Siri makes changing the volume very easy. The AirPods let you raise the volume by telling Siri to, but in reality, it is simply relaying the command to the device that prompted it.

Furthermore, Siri can ask that device about the volume of the music. The volume will be displayed as a percentage when the volume is set to maximum. Also, Siri can lower the volume by 50% by saying “Hi, Siri.” or simply by saying “Hello, Siri.”

Your iPhone may have low volume for a reason

When your iPhone battery is low, you will find that its volume is reduced.

Low Power Mode won’t make any noticeable difference if you have a fully charged battery and turn it on.

As a result, charging is not possible.

  • Found in the Settings app on iPhone
  • Accessibility options available
  • Please click on Hearings
  • Tap Audio/Visual to use
  • Ensure the Balance is set correctly

Has your volume been capped? In that case, what has been capped?

Loud music isn’t just bothering us. Before iOS 9, in the EU, earbuds could be set to have a maximum volume.

iOS 14.3 removes this specific setting in the Music settings but replaces it with a similar one elsewhere.

Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics to enable them

Make sure headphones are safe by tapping the icon

Reduce Loud Sounds can be tapped to quiet loud sounds

You can turn it on by tapping Reduce Loud Sounds

To adjust the volume of your headphones, drag the slider

Most complaints are about AirPods’ loudness

Bluetooth, the technology that’s used by AirPods, sometimes seems like alchemy. The AirPods and your iPhone can sort out the volume issue a second time if each thinks the other is set at the right volume.

  • Plugin your AirPods and listen to some music
  • Lower the volume completely
  • Select Bluetooth from your Settings to locate your AirPods
  • Touch the Connected icon
  • Disconnection of the tap
  • Use the iPhone’s speakers to listen to the music
  • Reduce the volume again to zero
  • Enter your Apple AirPods’ information into your computer.
  • Consider adjusting the iPhone’s volume

What should I do if the volume on my AirPods is messed up?

If you are experiencing a problem with your AirPods, change the volume and the headphones fail to respond. Depending on your situation, you have two options: you can contact Apple, or you can try some workarounds. Given that Apple Stores are all closed, try the old-fashioned method of solving IT issues, which has stood the test of time.

  • Put your iPhone to sleep
  • Restart the device

The chances of this working are high enough to make it worth your while, but if not, you can always use AirPods themselves.

  • Remove the AirPods from the case and choose Settings
  • Select Bluetooth as your wireless option
  • Find Apple’s AirPods under the devices list
  • Tap the letter I, then Connected.
  • Now SImply  Click “Remove”.
  • Confirm that you are interested in doing this

To do this, redo the pairing process with the AirPods and then reset them to their factory settings.

  • Reattach the charging case to the AirPods
  • Close the lid now, then open it again
  • To turn on the front light, press and hold the back button for a few seconds
  • Hold your Apple iPhone near the AirPods

After you’ve tried all of this, at least the Apple Stores may be open again by the time you’re done. Despite their reliability, AirPods and AirPods Pro may fail from time to time.

Therefore, if nothing else turns out to be the issue, Apple’s online support may be able to help.

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