Fix AirPod Not Working

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By Erric Buttlar

Neither left nor right AirPod Pro is playing mono sound normally. Some fixes are easy.

AirPod Pro has been experiencing this problem, but it can happen to any AirPod. After you pop them in your ears, one of them doesn’t work.

It always happens when the AirPod is put in first. As soon as we put the other AirPod in, we instantly know the problem is back.


This is caused by Bluetooth, and not by any particular factor. Bluetooth is wobbly by nature, so we might assume this anyway, but in this case, it seems to always occur immediately after we change connections.

With multiple iPhones and iPads, we’ve never had a problem, but we have when switching to a MacBook or Apple TV.


Remove both AirPods, pause the audio, and then put them back in, and you should be good to go.

In most cases, no. Try putting the AirPods back into their case and leaving them there for 30 seconds. That might work next time.

They have largely been reliable, but sometimes we need something more.

This is the safer, but the longer solution

Once you’ve used a Mac or Apple TV, you should switch back to your iOS device. All your devices will then work again after you reconnect the AirPods from your device.

The AirPods Pro must be charged first. You can recharge them by putting them back in the charging case. The battery level is indicated by the colour of the light, green or orange.

Then close the lid and place the case onto your iOS device. There is a charge percentage display on the iPhone’s lid. There will also be an average.

Taking out either AirPod from its case will allow you to see its charge separately from that of the case and both AirPods. If you see that one of them has zero charges, that’s why you had the problem and you have to charge it again.

It is advised that AirPods Pro be disconnected after using one AirPod for several hours.

  • Tap Bluetooth in iOS’ settings
  • Find your AirPods Pro in the list of connected devices, then tap the I button to the right.
  • On the screen that appears, tap Forget This Device
  • Confirm you want to do this

The AirPods Pro should now be returned to their charging case. Let it rest open for 30 seconds.

When you do this next step, be sure to open the case lid and have the AirPods Pro inside. Setup instructions for the charging case. Push it in while looking at the front.

The green light that indicates charging and other things are also now flashing white. Therefore, the AirPods Pro case is a Bluetooth device.

The AirPods Pro can be used once again as if they are brand new by reconnecting them. Your iOS device will resolve the problem if you follow all the instructions it provides on how to reconnect.

All things considered.

Completion Step:

According to Apple, AirPod speakers should also be cleaned. Remove any earwax, dirt, and other obstructions from your speakers.

A trip to the Apple Store is in order if you’ve tried everything and the problem doesn’t go away.


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