HalfDive VR headset designed to be worn lying down

A new VR headset and virtual reality system called HalfDive that has been especially created to be worn lying down may be of interest if you would want to adopt a more laid-back approach when experiencing VR games and applications. With only 37 days left, the creative initiative that was launched on Kickstarter has already earned more than $160,000 thanks to over 200 backers. The innovative VR system was developed by a Tokyo, Japan-based design team and gives controls and a more comfortable level of immersion. Early bird contributions for the unique initiative are already being accepted and start at about $759 or £562. (Depending on current exchange rates).

HalfDive VR headset

“Sword Art Online” and “Matrix”-style fully immersive virtual world experiences are what we ultimately hope to achieve. In order to achieve our aim, it was widely believed that technologies having direct access to the brain, such BCIs (Brain Computer Interfaces), were required. At first, this was how we first perceived the situation. However, despite our development of a straightforward BCI device and the fact that only a very limited number of businesses have been successful in producing a BCI device that works, there are still many challenges to overcome.

The HalfDive crowd funding campaign is aiming to raise the required amount of pledges, and if everything goes according to plan during production, international shipping is anticipated to start around August 2022. Watch the below promotional film to discover more about the HalfDive virtual reality headset concept.

But at some point, we understood that our aim was to “experience” the world of “Sword Art Online,” and that other technologies could be needed to make this ambition a reality than BCI. By inventively fusing already available technology, we looked for possibilities in the creation of a “Half-Dive (half of Full-Dive)” experience. Our adventure then started. Although HalfDive is still working toward realising its moniker, because to its ground-breaking design, it is the only gadget in the world capable of giving consumers a nearly totally immersive VR experience.

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