How to Choose the Right Size of Apple Watch Band

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By Erric Buttlar

To get the best fit with an Apple Watch, you should consider wrist size and the available bands. Some Apple Watch bands require specific sizing, while others don’t fit everyone’s wrist.


If you don’t live near an Apple retail shop, you may need to conduct some additional measurement to ensure that Apple does not ship you the incorrect size. In this article, we’ll show you how to choose the finest Apple Watch band for your wrist.

Find out how to measure your wrist

First, measure your wrist when choosing a band. You can measure your wrist size with a cloth tape measure if you have one. You can measure the area of your wrist that fits around a watch with a standard flat measuring tape or ruler, if you do not have a cloth tape measure.

To prevent making a mistake, do not stretch the string and use one with give. If you don’t have such a tool, a piece of paper will serve. Mark with a pen where the strip of  paper covers the wrist where you wear your watch. Put a strip of paper over your wrist like just a watch.

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Make sure you don’t slip the tape measure, string, or paper around your wrist while making these measurements. To keep the sensors functioning, you need a snug fit for all Apple Watch bands.

It may be necessary to convert inches to millimeters to better match Apple’s sizing instructions. As one inch is approximately 25.4 mm, multiply seven inches by 25.4 to get 177.8 mm. If you need it, Siri will do the conversion for you.

Sizes of Apple Watches

The Apple Watch Watch Series 7 has two case sizes: 41mm , 45mm, whereas the Apple Watch version  SE has two case sizes: 40mm , 44mm. Before you can select  Apple Watch band, you must first select the appropriate Apple (iOS)  Watch size.

Larger wrists need the larger Apple Watch models, while smaller wrists need the smaller Apple Watch options. For wrists ranging from 130 to 200mm, the 40/41mm Apple Watch models, Watch models of Apple , FOURTY four mm  and FOURTY five mm are designed to cover wrists spanning range from one hundred FOURTY (mm) to two hundred twenty  (mm).

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The article specifically pertains to the fourty one  mm, fourty two mm, fourty four mm, and fourty  five mm sizes are obtainable with the most recent Apple Watch variants, although it also works with earlier thirty eight  and fourty two mm versions because band compatible parameter  has been consistent since 2015.

Apple Watch Bands and Individual Sizing

Choose your Apple Watch size, then explore the different types of bands. We’ll describe the materials and how they will feel and look  on  wrist.

Apple Watch bands don’t all come in every size, and some are incompatible with both models. There are a few bands, such as the Modern Buckle, that are exclusively compatible with the 40mm and 41mm versions, but the majority of Apple Watch bands can suit a variety of wrist sizes.

Solo Loops and Braided Solo Loops

Apple’s two clasp-free bands are the Solo  ,  Braided Solo Loops. Because there’re only twelve sizes of Solo Loop bands and no adjustable clasp or loop, it is critical to measure carefully.

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  A smaller Apple Watch is suitable with one band, and a bigger Apple Watch is compatible with 12 bands, as detailed below. Bands without a clasp are difficult to put on. As this is  advisable that contact the Apple Store personally to test them out for yourself to ensure an error-free experience.

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If you are not able   to visit  an Apple Store, you can use Apple’s online measurement tool [PDF]. The sizing tool can be downloaded and printed from Apple’s store page for the Solo Loop.

If you don’t have a printer, use the Apple on page calculation tool to calculate your wrist size. 

We recommend that if possible, Apple Watch Solo band users try the band in a store to make sure the band fits them properly. If you get the wrong band, you can return or exchange it for free.

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Solo Loops are made of soft liquid silicone rubber, while Braided Solo Loops are braided with polyester yarn. These bands are elastic and will stretch with wear, As a result, it may be worthwhile to go down one size from the size that is already measured.

  • Compatibility: thirty eight mm, fourty mm, fourty one mm, fourty two mm, fourty four mm, fourty five mm Apple Watches.
  • Size Range: FIVE inches to EIGHT inches, or ONE HUNDRED TWENTY mm to TWO HUNDRED AND SIX mm.
  • Size Options, FOURTY and FOURTY  ONE mm: ONE,TWO,THREE,FOUR,FIVE,SIX,SEVEN,EIGHT. Size one starts at five inches (ONE HUNDRED TWENT mm) and size nine is SEVEN inches, or ONE HUNDRED AND EIDGHTY FOUR mm.
  • Size Options, FOURTY FOUR  and  FOURTY FIVE  mm: FOUR,FIVE,SIX,SEVEN,EIGHT,NINE,TEN,ELEVEN,TWELVE. Size four starts at FIVE POINT SEVENTY FIVE  inches (146mm), and size twelve is ELEVEN inches (TWO HUNDRED AND SIX mm).

 Band type of  Sport

There are two sizes of the Sport Band for smaller and larger Apple Watches, and it’s made from a fluoroelastomer. You must match the wrist size range below with this band, as it has holes for an adjustable fit.

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The Sport Band comes with an additional component that allows it to be set for M/L or S/M fit.

While fluorescent elastomers have a soft feel, they behave as silicones. They are not stretchable and are both waterproof and sweatproof.

  • Compatibility :   FOURTY mm , FOURTY TWO mm , THIRTY EIGHT mm , FOURTY ONE  mm  , FOURTY FOUR mm ,  FOURTY FIVE mm Apple Watches.
  • Sizing, FOURTY and  FOURTY ONE mm : Fits wrists : size from ONE HUNDRED THIRTY mm – TWO HUNDRED mm.
  • Sizing, FOURTY and FOURTY FIVE mm : Fits wrists : size from ONE HUNDRED  FOURTYmm – TWO HUNDRED AND TEN mm.

Sport type of  Loop

A hook and loop fastener makes up Apple’s Sport Loop. Sport Loop adheres tightly to your wrist with velcro-like material on one side. Unlike the Sport Band, it doesn’t have holes, so it’s even more customizable

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Due to soft nature of Sport Loop  it is comfortable when you sweat, but this isn’t is not recommended for water sports. If you have a larger wrist, this is one of the best band options for youIt is available in 2 sizes to suit minor and larger Apple Watch models.

Apple claims that sizing for this band begins at 130mm, but the wrapped fit gives for some wiggle room, making it ideal for little  wrists.

  • Compatibility: , FOURTY ONE mm , THIRTY EIGHT mm , FOURTY TWO mm , FOURTY mm , FOURTY FOUR mm , FOURTY FIVE mm Apple Watches.
  • Sizing, FOURTY MM  and FOURTY ONE mm: Fits wrists size: ONE HUNDRED TIHIRTY mm – TWO HUNDRED mm.

Band type of Leather Link

A wraparound leather band attached to the wrist with flexible, moulded magnets, the Leather Link is made from leather. The Sport Loop’s fit is similar but the material is leather instead of nylon. Due to its leather composition, this band should not be worn in water or when exercising.

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When selecting a wrap fit, ensure that your wrist matches or fits within  size limitations shown here.

  • Compatibility:  FOURTY ONE mm, THIRTY EIGHT mm, FOURTY mm , FOURTY FOUR mm, FOURTY TWO mm,  FOURTY FIVE mm Apple Watches.
  • Sizing, FOURTY and FOURTY ONE mm: Size S/M fits : ONE HUNDRED THIRTY mm – ONE HUNDRED SIXTY mm wrists. Size M/L fits : ONE HUNDRED FOURTY mm – ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY mm wrists.
  • Sizing, FOURTY FOUR  and FOURTY FIVE mm: Size S/M fits : ONE HUNDRED FOURTY mm – ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY mm wrists. Size M/L fits : ONE HUNDRED SIXTY mm – TWO HUNDRED FIVE mm wrists.

Band type of Modern Buckle

Apple’s Modern Buckle is exclusive to 40mm and 41mm Apple Watch models and made from leather. It does not work with 42mm and 45mm Apple Watches.

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The Modern Buckle features a buckle clasp, unlike some other bands, and the fit is not as forgiving, so be sure you pick one that fits your wrist size. The band begins at 135mm, making it somewhat bigger than usual Apple Watch bands.

There’s a maximum wrist size of 180mm, so if your wrist is over seven inches, You should go with another band. Another band, the Modern Buckle, is intended for fashion rather than utility, and it will not  wet.

  • Compatibility: FOURTY mm, THIRTY EIGHT mm, FOURTY ONE mm Apple Watches.
  • Sizing: Size small fits : wrists sized HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE mm – HUNDRED FIFTY mm, size medium fits : wrists size HUNDRED FOURTY FIVE mm – HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE mm, and size large fits :wrists size HUNDRED AND SIXTY mm – HUNDRED AND EIGHTY mm.

Loop type of Milanese

The Milanese  is composed of steel mesh and has the same wraped style as the Sport Loop. There are a variety of sizes for Apple Watch bands, However, its among the the most tiny Apple Watch bands., topping out at two hundred mm. The Milanese Loop may be too small for a wrist over 7.8 inches.

How to Choose the Right Size of Apple Watch Band-10

Milanese Loops are fashion bands that are not intended for exercise or to get wet, However, if it does get wet, it will not absorb water as well as the Sport Loop.

  • Compatibility:  41mm, 40mm, , 44mm, 42mm,38mm, 45mm  of  Watches.
  • Sizing, FOURTY and FOURTY one mm: Fits wrist: size hundred thirty five mm – one hundred ninty five mm.
  • Sizing, FOURTY four  and FOURTY five mm: Fits wrists: size one hundred fifty mm – two hundred mm.

Band type of Link Bracelet

The Apple Link Bracelet is composed of stainless steel alloy and has a link design comparable to that of a higher watch band. Link Bracelets can only be resized  by eliminating links, so they don’t have as much flexibility as other bands.

How to Choose the Right Size of Apple Watch Band-11

The Link Bracelet comes in sizes ranging from 135mm to 200mm, making it somewhat larger than typical Apple Watch bands. Because of the way the fit is, you will probably  want to get absolutely sure that  you’re within the stated size specifications given at down.

Link removal and addition are simple with the release button, so you can adjust the size after purchasing.

  • Compatibility:   41mm, 40mm,  45mm 42mm, 38mm, 44mm of  Watches.
  • Sizing, FOURTY mm and FOURTY ONE mm: Fits wrists size:  from ONE HUNDRED TIRTY mm – ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY mm.
  • Sizing, FOURTY FOUR  and FOURTY FIVE mm: Fits wrists size: from ONE HHUNDRED FIFTY mm – TWO HUNDRED mm.

Selection  of  Band

Apple Watch bands generally come in a wide range of sizes, and you should only pay attention to your wrist size if it is smaller or bigger than usual.

A wrap band such as Sport Loops is most accommodating in all scenarios , and if your wrist is larger , then Sport Loop and Sport Band will be suitable for you. Small wrists will fit better with the Sport Loop than something like a Sport Band.

As a result, the specifications for these watches must be exact, particularly for Solo Braided Loop the and Solo Loop. Other Apple Watch bands don’t require quite as much precision, but it is a good idea to measure carefully.

A good idea if you can is to try on the bands at an Apple store so you can feel the different materials and how they feel. As measurement instruments aren’t always perfect, it’s incredibly beneficial with the Solo  , Solo Braided Loop.

With the Solo  ,Solo Braided  loops , which stretch, it could be a good idea to size down.

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