How to find AirPods Pro 2 with the new Find My app precise tracking and charging case speaker

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By Muhammad Usman

The new AirPods Pro 2 are available now and have some fantastic improvements. A redesigned charging cover with a speaker and a U1 chip for accurate position monitoring is one of the features. Continue reading for information on the play a sound function, finding AirPods Pro 2 using the Find My app, and other topics.

We have a tutorial for that as well as an in-depth comparison between the AirPods lineup and everything new whether AirPods Pro 2 is your first pair with Apple’s in-ear fit or you just haven’t replaced the ear tips in a while:

  • How to do the custom fit test and replace the AirPods Pro ear tips
  • How the lineup compares between the AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Pro, AirPods 2/3

Let’s now discuss how the new AirPods Pro 2 features function.

Locate AirPods in Find My

Locate AirPods in Find My

If you lose your AirPods, you can use Find My on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac to find them. At, you may also locate your AirPods online.

Intro to using Find My with AirPods

  • All models of AirPods support Find Me, although some may have extra capabilities that make it easier to locate them. Which AirPods do I have? will help you if you’re unsure which ones you own.
  • You must enable Find My on a linked device (such as your iPhone or Mac) before your AirPods go missing if you want to find them.
  • Make sure your associated device is running the most recent version of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, or macOS for the optimal Find My experience.
  • Certain AirPods models allow you to track their whereabouts even when they are farther away from your iPhone by activating the Find My network. The Find My app displays the most recent connection time and location if the Locate My network is off or if your AirPods aren’t Find My network compatible. See Set the Find My network on.
  • You may notice “No location discovered” or “Offline” in Locate My if your AirPods are out of range or need to be charged. You receive a notification on the devices you associated with them if they come back online.

Find your AirPods nearby

Find your AirPods nearby

Your iPhone or iPad can assist you in finding your third-generation AirPods, AirPods Pro (all versions), or AirPods Max if they are nearby, such as in another part of your home. If you have AirPods Pro (2nd generation), you can pinpoint exactly where each AirPod and its charging case are.

  1. On a prior AirPods-paired iPhone or iPad, launch the Find My app.
  2. After selecting Devices, press the AirPods’ name and finally tap Find.
  3. Move around to find your AirPods, then adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

If you have AirPods Pro (2nd generation), you could see an arrow pointing in their general direction, an approximation of their distance from you, and a message letting you know if they’re on a different floor.

To assist you to locate your AirPods, you may also play a sound on them. You could have the choice to activate the flashlight, which might assist you in locating your AirPods in low light.

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