How to find your lost Apple Watch

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By Erric Buttlar

Whether you find where you left your Apple Watch at home, or you can track it down on the other side of the world, you can get it back, or help someone get it back to you.

Anything gets used to. It’s natural to be self-conscious when you wear an expensive Apple Watch, it’s natural to flinch when you’re close to catching it in a doorway. Soon you forget what it cost, and then you forget to wear it.

If that happens to you – and it will happen – then it might be that the charger is still beside your bed. In that case, the inconvenience is that you noticed its absence since you wanted to utilize it.

You could lose it forever if you leave it anywhere else, from a hotel to a hotel. Except with Find My. We try. We try if it has been set up.

Turn-on Find My on Apple Watch

  • Get Find My iPhone
  • by tapping your name in Settings
  • & click Find
  • Your iPhone
  • & click On Offline Finding
  • Finding, then tap Send Last Location

Apple Watches don’t have settings for this, but you don’t need them. When you enable Find Me on your iPhone, the same feature appears on your Apple Watch.

You might not want to leave your Watch lying around if it’s on. When it’s gone, you don’t have to have a panic attack.

How to find Apple Watch

  • Launch Find My
  • Tap on devices if it isn’t already selected
  • Tap on the Apple Watch in the list that appears.
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The app displays a map showing your Apple Watch location. Though not to the inch, and perhaps not even where the Watch is at the moment.

Using LTE, the Apple Watch may be able to show you its location. If your device does not have LTE but is connected to a Wi-Fi network, like your home or office network, this may be possible.

The Watch’s battery runs out no matter if it’s LTE. You can use the Find My app to see where it was the last time it was located when that happens, or if it can’t show you exactly where it is.

Lost your iPhone?

  1. Log in to
  2. Tap Find iPhone
  3. Click on All Devices
  4. Choose Apple Watch

When Find My spots on your Apple Watch

If you’re lucky, then just looking at the map will be enough to make you feel relaxed. Your friend has it, you left it at home. It’s fine, but sometimes it’s not enough.

Apple Watch can play sounds whenever it is nearby, even if the Watch is not plugged in or on the charger. You need to be near the Watch to hear it, as its speakers are small, and it’s a piercing trill.

How to find your Apple Watch (1)

If you don’t, you can keep playing the sound. The Watch plays this tune when you click Play Sound on or Find My App. Besides displaying the message on the Watch, you also get emailed a notification when Find My is used.

What could go wrong

Two more things you can do if you cannot find your Apple Watch. You can switch it off. So anyone who picks up the Watch can see how to contact you by seeing the message displayed on its face.

Marking as lost is done on the iPhone app by selecting Find My and then Mark as Lost. Click Lost Mode on

Alternatively, you can remotely erase the Apple Watch so that none of your data falls into the wrong hands.

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