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How to Use Running Track Detection on Apple Watch

The Workout app for Apple Watch Series 4 and subsequent devices now has a Track Detection function, which was recently added by Apple. To find out what it does and how you may benefit from it, keep reading.

For compatible Apple Watch devices, Apple debuted its promised Track Detection capability with the release of watchOS 9.2. As a result of the software update, your watch can now detect when you are on a running track and will prompt you to select a lane.

With the use of your watch’s GPS and Apple Maps data, Track Detection can detect when you’re on a typical 400-meter World Athletics (IAAF) running track. Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and are among the countries where the feature is accessible as of this writing.

Simply follow the instructions below to use the function. The Apple Watch Series 3 and earlier models cannot run watchOS 9.2, hence Track Detection is not supported on these watches. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to General -> Software Update to see if your Apple Watch is running the most recent software. Your Apple Watch must be charged to at least 50%, be plugged into a charger, and be within range of your iPhone to install fresh software.

How to Enable Lap Alerts

How to Enable Lap Alerts

By following these instructions, you may get an alert after finishing a loop around the track that displays your distance, time, and pace.

  1. The Apple Watch’s Workout app should be launched.
  2. The Outdoor Run card’s ellipsis icon (the three dots) should be touched.
  3. Click Alerts.
  4. Activate Lap Alert after turning up the Digital Crown and selecting Track Lap.

Track Detection is excellent since there is no need for calibration, in contrast to certain specialized running watches. If Apple Watch recognizes that you’ve arrived at a track, it may even switch to track mode in the middle of a conventional run.

Apple Watch Running Track Mode Expands To More Countries

Apple Watch Running Track Mode Expands To More Countries

A little article today since Apple has added additional nations to the running track mode for the Apple Watch. If you’re in the workout app, this mode will offer to enter or trigger track mode as soon as you step onto the running track. Also, each track’s number of running lanes is automatically known by the mode. Running track mode’s primary benefit is that it provides precise distances and “snaps” to the appropriate track lane. Running tracks are one of the most difficult things for GPS watches to get correctly, therefore this setting increases accuracy from “hopefully good” to “absolutely flawless”. It’s meticulous down to the meter.

Tracks in the US (including the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, and other territories) began receiving this mode back in December 2022. Apple’s running track mode is dependent on information from Apple Maps as well as what is effectively a massive library of running tracks. While every other firm instead uses the first 1-2 laps of the race to detect the running track in real-time (and then saves that for future usage). Each approach has advantages and disadvantages.

Apple’s version is only accessible in the nations they have specifically selected, but this means that the moment you step onto the track, it’s ready (no track calibration needed). While it works on any track on Earth for the other watchmakers, regardless of a database. Nevertheless, it does take a few laps around the course before it is saved.

The point is that Apple has increased the number of nations on the list, specifically:

– Australia
– Germany
– Canada
– Italy
– UK
– United States (previously there)

There is no need to upgrade the software on your watch to support this new nation. If you’re in one of the new nations, the track mode will be shown to you immediately as you get to a running track. When the watch is charged to more than 80% of its capacity and your phone is connected to WiFi, it will automatically download all songs within a 25 km radius if you’re visiting a new location or nation (without LTE). If you travel to a track outside of that range, link your watch to your phone, and your phone has cellular service, it will download content as you need it (if you have a cellular watch, this will also download on demand). For further information, see the website.

There is a submission button at the bottom of the Fitness app if you have or locate a jogging track that is not listed in Apple’s database. Doing so sends the information to the Apple Maps team, who will perform their magic. The same as previously, they recognize “regular form tracks,” albeit it does matter that they have permanent lane markings (as opposed to a dirt track with occasionally chalked lines).

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