How to use Walkie Talkie on Apple Watch

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By Erric Buttlar

It can be a little difficult to figure out how to use this wonderful little communication system with your family and friends until you’ve used the use Walkie Talkie on Apple Watch feature a few times. Apple’s Walkie Talkie is fantastic because you can use it right from your wrist and it only requires a single tap to activate it, making it ideal for those quick voice communications and eliminating the need to place a phone call.

You don’t need the most recent Apple Watches to enjoy Apple’s Walkie Talkie functions, which is another excellent feature. You may start communicating as long as both you and your family member or friend have an Apple Watch Series 1 or later running watchOS 5.3 or later. It’s also important to note that, although having a very wide current availability, the Walkie Talkie app hasn’t yet been made available by Apple in all nations or areas. Visit the official Apple website for a complete list of the territories supported at this time for further information.

The Walkie-Talkie app now has a convenient address book from Apple, allowing you to quickly connect with your nearest and dearest.

Add contacts to your Walkie Talkie address book

Simply launch the app on your Apple Watch and touch the “Add Friends” button to add relatives or friends to your fast call list. This will add the contacts to your Walkie Talkie address book. A person must accept your invitation after you extend it. Until they accept, Apple displays this as a fading member in your contacts. Once accepted, their contact information will turn yellow, enabling you and your friends to start a walkie-talkie conversation right away.

Simply swipe left on the contact details and select the X delete button to eliminate a contact from your address book. You can also do this on your iPhone’s Apple Watch app by selecting Walkie Talkie, Edit, and then selecting the remove option next to the contact you want to get rid of.

To start a communication with a friend or family member

  1. Launch the Walkie Talkie app on your Watch first.
  2. Choose the person with whom you want to speak.
  3. Press and hold the talk button while speaking.
  4. When attempting to make a call, you could occasionally see the term “connecting” appear. Press and hold the speak button while waiting for the Walkie Talkie app to connect.
  5. When you want to talk, your contacts will be notified once you’re connected.
  6. Say whatever you want by simply pressing and holding the talk button.
  7. After you’re done, take your finger off the button, and your friend will hear what you just said right away.

Walkie Talkie invitations

Send invitations to your selected contacts, who must accept them before you can add them to your Walkie-Talkie address book. Make sure FaceTime is enabled and functioning properly, and that you are signed in using your Apple ID for these to function properly.

Disable and turn off Walkie Talkie

Simply open the official app on your Watch and turn off the Walkie Talkie feature by sliding the option to off if you want to disable or turn off the feature on your Apple Watch or iPhone. Now, if a call comes in while you’re free, a notification will pop up asking if you’d like to talk. If you’d like, you can also manage the Walkie Talkie feature from the Control Center.


It’s important to keep in mind that you’re Apple devices need FaceTime for the communication system to function properly if you are having trouble adding contacts or using the Walkie-Talkie system. You must download and reinstall FaceTime on your iPhone and Watch if you removed it. Make sure FaceTime is on by navigating to Settings on your iPhone, choosing FaceTime, and confirming that the option is switched on. Making a FaceTime call to a buddy will allow you to rapidly test this. Simply restart your iPhone and Apple Watch after reinstalling the FaceTime app.

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