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The data breach probe has shown that 5.1 million documents were taken from the investigators’ database.

In the aftermath of the breach

  • 29k April has been identified as a member of the Hacking Team’s security squad, which was entrusted with probing claims of an internal system breach.
  • According to the investigation, on April 29, an anonymous hacker sent an email to Hacking Team’s system administrators telling them of the data breach and demanding payment. The email included a link to a Dropbox account where the stolen files could be found. Upon receipt of this email, Hacking Team’s security staff began scanning their systems for evidence of access. They also attempted unsuccessfully to contact April, who was out of town at the time.
  • Our security team detected no sign of a compromise in the Hacking Team’s networks after evaluating the stolen material. However, it looked that April had been duped into handing over her credentials, which she then used to access her email account. We suspect the hacker got access to April’s network by sending her an email with a malicious link or attachment (or fooling her into clicking on a bogus website URL), which infected her laptop and allowed him to enter her network.

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Background on Codecov

Codecov is a service that assists developers in identifying defects in their source code before releasing it to users. Software businesses like IBM and Atlassian, as well as government institutions such as NASA, use the platform extensively.

Details of the Data Breach

Details of the Data Breach

Codecov announced on April 15th, 2021, that an unauthorized actor had accessed their Bash Uploader script, giving them access to sensitive client data such as API tokens, passwords, and user keys.

Our analysis revealed that attackers acquired access to these systems during three months beginning January 31st, 2021. It is thought that they were able to examine client data during this period, although there has been no proof that any customer data was exfiltrated or abused.

Investigations into the Incident

Since uncovering the breach, security experts have been working hard to determine its breadth and determine what information the attackers may have acquired.

Interviewing witnesses and reviewing logs from both Codecov’s systems and those of third-party services with which they interface have all been part of this process (such as cloud hosting providers).

Investigators have found no indication of malicious behavior or exploitation of client data thus far, but investigations are ongoing.


April 29, 2019

Our investigation into the March 2019 incident is ongoing. We found approximately 5.1k lines of code in the April 29th release but only 1.4K lines of code in the April 4th release during a period when we suspect a deliberate modification was made to one or more files linked to our test suite that would harm performance.

Impact on Customers

Several clients who rely on Codecov’s services for automated code reviews and testing before deploying new software versions into production settings are concerned about the issue.

Businesses like IBM and Atlassian were quick to respond, issuing statements advising users of the actions they were taking in response to the hack (e.g., reviewing credentials associated with their accounts).

Similarly, NASA is allegedly examining all current contracts with Codecov and temporarily halting new ones till further notice while they investigate any vulnerabilities in their systems uncovered by this event.


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