Setup or change your Outlook signature in Office 365

If you have used the Microsoft Outlook email manager, the mail client of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, and you’re wondering how to set up, update, or implement an Outlook signature modification. You may create a variety of distinctive signatures to compete with electronic business cards, images, social symbols, links, and more with the help of this brief tutorial, which will walk you through the process.

Once generated, you may use a pre-made Outlook signature or enable it to be automatically appended to fresh email messages before you send them. Allowing recipients to access your website or other marketing materials straight from the email and easily identifying the sender of the email.

Outlook signatures

Microsoft gives you the option to choose an existing Outlook signature from a list, edit an existing one, or create a new one to serve a different purpose while you are composing an email. Simply adhere to the guidelines below to change or add a new signature.

  1. Open Outlook and create a new email. 2. Next, choose Signature > Signatures. This will list every template you currently have accessible for alteration as well as ones you have already developed.
  2. Choose New to add a new item to the list, or choose Edit Signature to make changes to an existing template.
  3. Once you’re in the editor, you can easily build your signature by typing, adding photographs, or—if your organization has code snippets available for you to paste in—digital business cards.
  4. When you are satisfied with your new Outlook signature template, click OK to finish the procedure.
  5. Go ahead and start a new email to see your updated signature in action. If you’ve made many ones, you may choose one to be the default and have it automatically appended to emails, or you can just flip between them as you’re writing your email.

Simply choose the choice and the template you want to see on all new messages to choose the default signature. As previously mentioned, you also have the choice to alter your signature when sending emails, allowing you to use a variety of styles based on the message and the recipient.

Setup or change your Outlook signature

Microsoft also provides an email signature gallery that enables you to quickly create a “professional-looking Outlook email signature” if you’re having difficulties coming up with one. There are 20 distinct templates available in the gallery, and Microsoft lets you freely alter each one to meet your needs without restricting how many times you may use it.

Creating a professional Outlook signature using a template by making changes to an existing template.

  1. Download the Microsoft Office website’s signature gallery. The ability to edit may occasionally be disabled when downloads open in a Protected View. In this case, you must choose Enable Editing in Word for the document.
  2. Open Microsoft Word and the downloaded template.
  3. Pick a signature that closely resembles the style and layout you desire.
  4. Copy every component from the desired signature template.
  5. Launch Outlook and start a fresh email.
  6. Insert the contents from the copied template into your new email.
  7. Customize your signature by making changes to the text, images, links, and social media symbols.
  8. To replace a photo in your signature, click Change Picture, then click Insert to submit a new photo.
  9. To modify links in your signature, right-click on them and select Edit Link.
  10. By repositioning the nodes along the edge of the new picture or photo, you may resize it to your liking. After that, choose the Format menu and format your image using the choices there.
  11. After you are satisfied with the design and appearance of your Outlook signature, right-click on everything in your email and select Copy.
  12. Click New after choosing Signature > Signature from the message menu.
  13. Give your new template a name.
  14. To add a signature, right-click and paste your creation.
  15. To store your new Outlook signature, click OK if you’re satisfied with the results.
  16. Carry out the procedure as many times as you wish to produce a variety of email templates.

Outlook signature change in older email clients

The process to create or modify an email signature is slightly different if you are using an earlier version of Outlook, such as one from 2007 to 2010.

  1. Launch a new message in your Outlook programme first.
  2. On the Message tab, select the Include option. Then, select Signatures.
  3. Select New, write the name you want for your template, and then click OK to confirm your decision.
  4. Create your signature by writing in the text field and formatting it using one of the available options. Click the Picture option and navigate to the image file on your computer if you want to upload a picture. The supported file types are bmp,.gif,.jpg, and.png.
  5. The signature you have selected will automatically be included to future emails, but you may manually add a signature to modify the template that is being used as you write messages by navigating to Message > Include > Signature and choosing the template you want to use.

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