Trending News: iOS 16, Apple Watch, Macs, and USB Type-C Chargers

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As the date of WWDC2022 draws nearer, we’re seeing an increasing number of Apple-related rumors surfacing online. A preview of the next-generation M2 chips, along with the first extra USB port that might be included in Apple’s multiport USB charger, are among the latest product announcements from Apple.

There has also been a lot of talk about Meta-vs.-apple’s dispute in which Apple claims that it is forbidden by the App Store to take part in the commissions from the app store, Apple stopping the software update for Studio Displays, and you also get a lot of discussion about Meta’s plans to take nearly 50 percent of the sales of virtual goods in the metaverse. There has been a lot of debate about Meta’s plan, so continue reading to find out the details!

Four different M2 chip variants are being tested by Apple for at least nine new Macs

Trending News iOS 16, Apple Watch, Macs, and USB Type-C Chargers-M2

Several different features of the next-generation M2 chip and the updated Mac models that will use it have been identified by Bloomberg citing developer logs, suggesting that Apple is testing them internally. A source told me there are ‘at least’ nine new Macs in the works, which use two different chips from the M2 family, the successor to the current M1 chip. My source indicated that there will be two versions of the chip in development.
The M1 Ultra chip is currently found in the high-end Mac Studio, which is why the M2 chip is supposed to be found in the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini models. The M2 chip is suspected to be found in the high-end Mac Pro and MacBook Pro models with the M2 chip installed.

Apple Watch with new health-related functions

Trending News iOS 16, Apple Watch, Macs, and USB Type-C Chargers-watch

There could be up to three versions of the Apple Watch in the coming months, and the most advanced models will likely come with a body temperature sensor, a couple of long-rumored blood pressure and blood sugar sensors seem a little low on the priority list.

The health features of iOS 16 are also beginning to emerge, which will be integrated with some of the new features related to health. The big changes that will probably be happening will not be as many as you may think. I believe that some improvements will be made to notification settings and perhaps other aspects of the app.

Chargers with two USB-C ports

Trending News iOS 16, Apple Watch, Macs, and USB Type-C Chargers-charger

Even though we were first told about a dual USB-C support charger for the upcoming Apple Watch with 35W output power last week, we have now seen images of the alleged U.S. version of the charger, which is said to include foldable prongs and ports on one of its sides.

The timing of Apple’s entry into the market has been somewhat confused but it looks like similar models from accessory makers such as Mophie and white-label knockoffs will also be on sale shortly.

The Studio display updating issue resolved

Trending News iOS 16, Apple Watch, Macs, and USB Type-C Chargers-display

A few days ago, users of Apple’s new Studio Display were faced with a severe problem that prevented them from being able to update the firmware of the product. The apparent oversight was a result of Apple not signing the most recent software version.
As early as February, Apple stopped signing iOS 15.4 so users could stay on the latest iOS 15.4.1 update, seemingly forgetting that there is no 15.4.1 update for the Studio Display. As a result, Apple does not authorize any current version of the Studio Display for installation.

However, you will be able to update it again now. A relatively short time has passed since Apple resolved the issue and, as of Monday, users will be able to update their screens once more.

Apple’s hypocrisy: Metaverse’s near-50 percent commission plan claims

Trending News iOS 16, Apple Watch, Macs, and USB Type-C Chargers-Meta

As a result, Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg are consistently denouncing Apple’s 15-30% commission fees on in-app purchases on the App Store, a move which is not surprising at all. As part of its announcement, Meta has also stated that approximately half of the revenue from digital assets in its “metaverse” will be retained.
As a result, Meta was immediately targeted by comments about its hypocritical policy concerning commissions, and Apple did not hold back in its response, saying that the move illustrates that even as Meta seeks to take advantage of Apple’s platform for free, it also takes benefits from the small businesses and creators who use it.


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