watchOS 4.3.1 now available for Apple Watch, includes a startup bug fix

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By Muhammad Usman

After a few weeks of developer beta testing, watchOS 4.3.1 is now accessible for all Apple Watch models. The most recent software version provides a bug patch for a problem that some customers experienced.

What’s new in watchOS 4.3.1 is as follows:

WatchOS 4.3.1 resolves a problem that occasionally resulted in certain customers’ Apple Watches not moving past the Apple Logo after starting.

Please visit this page for details on the security features included in Apple software updates:

Check out the article below for a summary of watchOS 4.3’s features and our wish list for watchOS 5:

Apple Watch software update 4.3 arrives today with iPhone music control, an improved Siri watch face, and more (U: Now available)

wish list for watchOS 5: open Siri face, rethought, Apple Watch podcasts

watchOS 4.1

watchOS 4.1

Among the updated components, enhancements, and bug fixes are:

  • Use iCloud Music Library or Apple Music to play music on the Apple Watch Series 3.
  • With the new Radio app on Apple Watch Series 3, you can listen to live radio on Beatspersonalizedised stations, and expert-curated stations.
  • Siri may be used to look for, discover, and play music, playlists, or albums.
  • Use treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, and indoor cycles that support GymKit to sync fitness data for more precise distance, pace, and energy burn metrics.
  • Possibility to leave a Wi-Fi network in Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) Control Center
  • With Apple Watch Series 1 and later, the problem is fixed where Heart Rate notifications were sent even when the functionality wasn’t turned on.
  • the problem where some users did not get stand reminders has been fixed
  • Fixes a problem where certain users’ current Stand hour indicators were missing.
  • a problem that prevented haptics from being sent for silent alerts is fixed
  • fixes a problem that prevented certain users’ Apple Watch (1st generation) from charging.
  • Restores Mandarin as the default dictation language for China’s mainland. Fixes a problem where the Sunrise/Sunset complication would occasionally not show.

watchOS 4

Watch Faces

  • Information is dynamically updated by the new Siri interface depending on location, time, and daily activities.
  • Toy Story characters including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and others have new animated faces.
  • A new Kaleidoscope face transforms still photographs into symmetrical patterns that weave together
  • More issues with Messages, News, Heart Rate, Currently Playing, and Siri


  • Clever uncustomized alerts to assist you with removing your daily Activity rings
  • Weekly challenges depending on exercise levels from the prior month
  • Added full-screen animations to mark significant occasions, such as achieving a goal and sealing your rings
  • Workout stats are now included in replies to alerts for activity sharing.


  • Redesigned app with helpful workout-style visuals for quick beginnings
  • For more precise calorie monitoring, a High-Intensitysity Interval Training (HIprogramamme uses proprietary motion and heart rate algorithms.
  • support for combining several training kinds in a single session
  • Automatically adjusted for rest periods, auto sets for pool swim workouts include distance for each stroke type and tempo for each set.
  • For Apple Watch Series 1 and later, the ability to have a synchronized music playlist begin playing as you begin a workout
  • During a workout, access to music controls is available directly in the Workout app.
  • Ability to have Do Not Disturb activated automatically when working out

Heart Rate

watchOS 4 Heart Rate

  • fresh graphic graph displaying 24-hour heart rate
  • With the Breathe app, new heart rate readings, and visual graphs have been added for walking average, workout average and peak, recuperation time, and sessions (Apple Watch Series 1 and later).
  • Ability to receive alerts if your pulse rate goes beyond a certain level while you’re seemingly idle for ten minutes (Apple Watch Series 1 and later)
  • Heart rate information from the Health app for iPhone, including new Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and VO2 Max data types, is available in both historical and current forms.


  • redesigned app for simple album art scrolling
  • Several playlists can be synced for local playing with Bluetooth headphones
  • Curated playlists from Apple Music, such as Heavy Rotation, My New Music Mix, and My Favorites Mix, may be automatically synced.

Further features and enhancements

  • iPhone news app with ToStorie’ses summaries and store for later reading
  • Lighting and Security the Control Center’s light
  • An alphabetical list view is available for vertical scrolling through recently used apps in the Dock App home screen.
  • swiping gestures and mail composition
  • The phone app’s dial pad
  • Invites from the Calendar show conflicts
  • support for German in scribble
  • Repeating and sub-minute timers
  • Locations in smart responses, contacts, and suggested and recent destinations in Maps

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