What to do if you forgot your Apple Watch passcode

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By Erric Buttlar

There is a technique to reset your Apple Watch so that you may use it once more if you forget your passcode and are unable to access it.

We previously shown how to restore a password-forgotten iPhone, and now we’ll demonstrate how to restart your Apple Watch.

You will be locked out of the device and forced to reset it and pair it with your iPhone once you enter the wrong passcode too many times. You can either do this from the watch or from the Watch app on your iPhone, which are both viable options.

How do I reset the passcode from the Watch App on the iPhone?

Open the Watch App on your iPhone in order to reset the password for your Apple Watch from there.

The next step is to choose the My Watch menu at the bottom, go to General, pick Reset, choose Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings, and then click that option once more to confirm.

After entering your Apple ID password, the device will reset, at which point you may restore your Apple Watch using the backup.

You may choose a new passcode for your Apple Watch after your device has been reset and restored from the backup.

How do I reset the passcode direct on the Apple Watch?

There is yet another method to use the Apple Watch to reset it. Place the Apple Watch on its charger and then push the side button until the Power Off menu appears to complete the process.

Then select Reset and then confirm that you want to reset your device by pressing and holding the digital crown on the Apple Watch until the Erase all content and Settings menu appears. Now it will reset, and you can choose to restore data from a backup.

You can choose a new passcode for your Apple Watch now that it has been reset and returned to its factory settings.

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