Apple releases first iOS 16.2 public beta with Freeform, Home app improvements, more

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By Muhammad Usman

Apple has now made available to testers the first public beta of iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 after the release to developers earlier this week. The business is also releasing watchOS 9.2, macOS 13.1, and tvOS 16.2’s initial public betas. What’s new, then?

In the next months, Apple will distribute these software upgrades to everyone. Anybody may test them out in the interim by enrolling in Apple’s open beta software program. Remember that until they are fully developed, these updates may still include bugs and exhibit performance concerns due to their early beta status.

The iOS 16 public betas should not be used, according to Apple:

Users can test out impending software through the Apple Beta Software Program. Your comments on usability and quality help us find problems, solve them, and improve Apple software. Please be aware that because Apple has not yet made the public beta software available for purchase, it might include bugs or inconsistencies and might not work as well. Before installing beta software, be sure to use Time Machine to back up your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

A few changes have been made in iOS 16.2, including the addition of the new freeform collaboration tool that Apple debuted at WWDC. Here is a summary of the new content:

  • In iOS 16.2, Apple will enable users to update Live Activities more regularly.
  • The Home app in iOS 16.2 beta has redesigned architecture for a more dependable experience.
  • New Sleep and Medicines widgets have been added to iOS 16.2’s Lock Screen.
  • Users using iOS 16.2 can notify Apple if Emergency SOS is mistakenly triggered.
  • Here’s how the multi-user speech recognition feature in tvOS 16.2 beta for Apple TV works.
  • Freeform collaboration app and support for external displays are added in iPadOS 16.2 beta.

By going to the Settings app, selecting General, and then selecting Software Update, participants in the public beta program can install iOS 16.2. On Apple’s website, you can find information about how to sign up for the program.

iOS 16.2: New features

iOS 16.2 New features

Here is what the most recent iOS 16.2 beta appears to have fresh. This section will be updated when new features and modifications are found.

Apple Music Sing: a brand-new karaoke feature integrated into Apple Music. Explore Apple Music Sing in more detail.

iCloud Backup encryption: iOS 16.2 will have several new privacy features, such as iMessage Contact Key Verification, security key support, and enhanced iCloud encryption.

10-minute AirDrop limit: The “everyone” setting for AirDrop permissions has a duration restriction of 10 minutes in iOS 16.2. The rest of the globe is now implementing this move that was initially implemented in China.

Older notifications are visible by default: Apple altered how notifications are shown in Notification Center in iOS 16.2 beta 4. Older alerts were previously only seen by swiping up; now, they are always displayed.

Always-on display options: There are two new toggles under Settings > Display & Brightness > Always on Display for iPhone 14 Pro devices. With one, you can turn off the wallpaper while the always-on display is on, and with the other, you can turn off alerts.

Sleep and medication widgets: New lock screen widgets for tracking medications and sleep data from the Health app were included in the second beta.

Freeform app: The new digital whiteboarding tool Freeform, which was initially announced at WWDC this autumn, is now included in the most recent betas of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS 13. Freeform is a productivity tool for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac that enables sharing of drawings, notes, files, web links, documents, images, video, and audio with friends, family, and coworkers on a digital whiteboard.

New Home Architecture: Users of iOS 16.2 have the option to switch to a new architecture for the Home app, which Apple claims are quicker and more dependable. The Home hubs must all be updated to 16.2, including Apple TV and HomePod.

More frequent Live Activities updates: Users of iOS 16.2 have the option to switch to a new architecture for the Home app, which Apple claims are quicker and more dependable. The Home hubs must all be updated to 16.2, including Apple TV and HomePod.

iOS 16.2 and iPad 16.2: How to install

Tap General, the Software Update, in the Settings app to receive the most recent iOS update. There will be a Download and Install option so you can see whether a new version is available. Just tap it and adhere to the directions.

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