Here are some useful Mac apps that you should check out – May 2022

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The useful Mac apps that are designed for Macs often do not receive the same amount of attention as those designed for iPhones and iPods, so in this article, we highlight some of the useful Mac apps that we have come across over the past few months.

These apps cater to a wide range of needs–they help access websites quickly, adjust external display settings directly from the menu bar, use an alt-tab tool similar to Windows, and more.

Useful Mac Apps

Following are the 5 apps that you must check out.

WebCatalog (Free)

WebCatalog allows you to download your favorite web pages as desktop applications so that you can have easy access to all the content that you love on the web. You can use it to create standalone windows that are distraction-free and a good substitute for the tabs found in your browser. There is a limited number of apps available in WebCatalog, but it is free to use. You need to pay $40 to unlock unlimited apps, however.

AltTab (Free)

AltTab is a simple but effective app that is based on the Windows “alt-tab” windows switcher. Using the tool, you will be able to customize your controls to mimic how AltTab works on Windows, allowing you to quickly switch between your open application windows and manipulate them using simple keyboard commands.

Monitoring Control (Free)

As the name implies, Monitor Control is an app you can find in the menu bar which lets you make adjustments to an external display’s parameters. Through Monitor Control, you can adjust anything from brightness to contrast to volume.

Raycast (Free)

Raycast is a kind of wraparound launcher/Spotlight replacement that offers a bunch of features for writing scripts, activating shortcuts, searching for files, managing your system, writing quick notes, opening links, running apps, and tracking clipboard history, and much more.

CleanShot X ($29)

This screen capture allows you to take screenshots as well as videos of your screen. Using the app, it’s simple to capture anything you want on your screen, annotate and send it off, and there’s a cloud component that saves everything Despite not fitting all the content on a single screen, it can record screen sessions and takes. You can either pay a one-time fee of $29 for one year of updates, or you can choose to pay an $8 per month fee for continuous per month for continual updates.

BetterSnapTool ($3)

There is an option in MacOS called Split View that allows you Feature can be used as a way to view two or more applications side-by-side, but it is not as intuitive as the Windows version, where you can simply drag a window to a corner and when it is positioned at the corner it automatically snaps into place.

The app is well worth the $3 if you do not want to constantly have to adjust the window’s border every time you open or close it. Additionally, the Magnet ($8) program is also a good choice, but since the price has increased from $3 to $8 in recent months, BetterSnapTool is currently a better value.

Amphetamine (Free) 

You will certainly appreciate the option to Even if you are playing a movie or watching a YouTube video, the screen will be on as you perform certain tasks (or perhaps while you are downloading a long file). It might be tiring wiggling your finger around the trackpad to keep the screen awake every time the screen goes to sleep, you’ll appreciate an application that will allow you to do that.

Even better, you can use it on a separate display. If you want to change the screensaver setting, the hard disk shutdown setting, or any other settings in your system preferences, it’s certainly possible, but that can get tiresome quickly

Tweetbot ($10)

There is no doubt that Twitter is an overwhelming hive stream of consciousness, and finding the tweets you’re looking for can seem like looking for a few needles in a big, international haystack. Using Tweetbot’s sidebar can make it easier for you to manage your Twitter account. It gives you one-click access to your timeline, saved searches, and direct messages. There is also the possibility of blocking out tweets that you aren’t interested in seeing, such as spoilers and sponsored tweets, as well as specific keywords, users, and hashtags tailored to your taste.

Alfred (Free)

There is room for improvement Searches on macOS are not as accurate as they could be. An alternative to Launchy allows you to create custom shortcuts to programs and folders, activate commands using keyboard shortcuts, and automate custom workflows by typing instructions when you press a button or when you type a specific phrase, and, well, quite a bit more.

You can download it for free, but if you want more features, such as integration with other apps and contacts, then you need to purchase a version called Powerpack. A single license for Alfred costs 29 British pounds (around $38), or if you buy a lifetime license for Alfred, you will get lifetime upgrades to later versions for only 49 pounds (around $64).

Can you recommend a great Mac app that we haven’t covered yet? We may feature your comment on a future video if you let us know in the comment section below.


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