How to block text messages on iPhone

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By Erric Buttlar

In a previous article, we explained how to stop calls on the iPhone, and in this one, we’ll demonstrate how to block text messages. This post is intended to explain what you should do to stop receiving those obnoxious spam texts and other texts.

Unfortunately, many iPhone users often receive unsolicited text messages in addition to telemarketers’ calls. These typically take the shape of marketing texts, scam texts intended to trick you into visiting certain websites, and more.

You can take a number of different actions to block these unwanted text messages on your iPhone. You can either filter unwanted messages or block the number of unwanted texts you receive.

How do I block text messages from someone on the iPhone?

You must open the text message on your iPhone if you receive one from someone you wish to block. Open the message and choose the symbol with the sender’s name or cellphone number underneath it.

You will now be taken to a new screen with the option to Block this Caller after clicking Info on the right side of the screen. Select Block Contact after clicking this. That phone number will be blocked from calling your iPhone and will no longer be able to send you text messages.

How do you unblock a blocked contact on the iPhone?

You can always unblock someone on your iPhone if you decide to let them send you texts again.

On an iPhone, you must choose a contact’s number from your banned contacts list and unblock them in order to unblock them. On your iPhone, you may do this by navigating to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts.

The list of phone numbers and individuals you have forbidden from sending you text messages will then appear. Select Edit; you will then see a red delete symbol next to the phone numbers. Select this, and the contact or number will be deleted from your banned contacts list. You may then receive calls from that contact or number.

How do you filter all unwanted text messages on the iPhone?

On the iPhone, there is an additional setting that will ensure that you filter out any unsolicited calls and text messages. You may achieve this by filtering your messages so that you only get texts from known individuals.

Go to Settings > Messages on your phone and check the option to Filter Unknown Senders. Any messages from these senders will then be placed in a separate list.

When this setting is enabled, any links delivered in these messages cannot be opened; instead, you must add the recipient’s phone number to your contacts list in order to access the link.

How do you report spam messages on the iPhone?

On the iPhone, Apple offers a valuable function that enables you to report spam and unwanted text messages. This feature only applies to iMessage messages; regular text messages are not supported.

This will immediately remove the message and report it to Apple as rubbish. To do this, select the message in Messages, then click Report Junk.

This article on how to prevent unwanted text messages on the iPhone is provided in the hopes that it will be helpful to you in reducing spam. Visit Apple’s website for additional information about these features. Please leave a remark below if you have any queries. Users of Apple phones who want to delay the moment a text message is sent may be interested in our quick guide which shows how to schedule iPhone text messages to send later.

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