How to clean your iPhone charging port correctly

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By Erric Buttlar

If you have previously examined you’re charging cord and are still having trouble to clean your iPhone charging port . It could be worthwhile to check the charging port on your phone to make sure it is free of any debris or fluff. Sometimes it’s essential to perform a bit more thorough cleaning of your iPhone’s charging port than simply blowing into it. Therefore, if you are having problems utilizing a cable to charge, backup, or sync your phone with your MacBook computer, cleaning the connection may be the solution.

This fast article will walk you through the process of correctly cleaning an iPhone charging port so you can charge, back up, and synchronize your data once more. Any long-time iPhone user is aware that occasionally lint or fluff from your clothing and pockets might find its way into the iPhone charging port, necessitating meticulous removal.

This is often done while you’re on the go by giving the charging port a little blow to clear away any loose debris or fluff. A can of pressurized air, a toothpick, or a cotton bud may be used to readily do a more thorough clean as necessary. As long as you are very careful not to scratch the internal workings of the port.

Before you start

It’s best to turn off and shut down your iPhone by navigating to Settings > General > Shut Down before you begin cleaning the charging connector. Then check the charging port with a torch and, if available, a magnifying glass to see if you can physically identify the lint or debris that is causing the issue. Instead of just randomly poking about or blowing on the port in the hopes that your efforts would clean it, this will make it much simpler to remove.

Always seek expert assistance from the Apple Genius bar if you don’t feel confident cleaning the charging port on your iPhone. If you can visit an Apple Store, the staff there will inspect and clean the port for you. Although cleaning and caring for the charging port on your iPhone is simple and shouldn’t be problematic if you are careful, I believe that using a can of compressed air is the best method to remove dirt and debris from the port. It also eliminates the possibility of accidently damaging any of the charging parts inside the port, which might lead to much worse problems and expensive repercussions.

Clean iPhone charging port

You are now prepared to begin cleaning the charging port on your iPhone. If you have access to a can of compressed air, all you need to do is connect the extension straw to the nozzle using the tape that was typically soldered to the side of the can. In order to ensure that air enters the port, hold the straw close enough to the port while holding the air can upside down. Then, try to move the lint and dirt with one or two short, quick bursts of air.

Try again after a little delay or after seeing whether it has been moved. Since the compressed air is so cold, liquid occasionally leaks from the container as a result. Although this liquid will quickly evaporate and disappear, it’s best to avoid getting it on your iPhone’s Lightning port.

Turn your iPhone back on and see if the problems you were having with charging and synchronizing have been resolved once you are satisfied that the lint and dirt have been successfully removed. If not, try again until charging starts up.

After trying to clean the port several times, if the problem still persists, you might try using a toothpick or another non-metal object to push the dirt out of the way. Be cautious not to leave any paper fragments behind when using rolled-up paper to attempt to gently remove any dirt. To remove any dirt that might be stuck inside the charging port of your iPhone, roll the paper to a point and gently jiggle the toothpick or paper point inside the port.

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