How to delete my Apple ID on my iPhone

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By Erric Buttlar

There is the option to delete the Apple ID associated with your identity if you don’t want it associated with your identity. Below are the steps on how to do so.

Deleting Apple ID accounts can be due for several reasons, and they can even include quite plausible and perfectly reasonable reasons. Suppose someone sets up multiple accounts by accident but only wants to use one of them.

It’s also possible to disassociate yourself from technology as a move to go “off-grid” or disown Apple or its products altogether.

Apple allows you to delete your Apple ID account for any reason.

A deletion’s results

Apple’s reputation for respecting privacy makes the deletion of an Apple ID straightforward, as is requesting all of the data it has stored for your account. Deleted accounts can have significant effects.

After deleting an Apple ID, you can no longer sign in to that account. iMessage, iTunes, App Store, iTunes Pay, Apple Pay, Apple Pay, and any content purchased, downloaded, or viewed on those services are all no longer accessible.

iCloud user data, such as photographs, videos, documents, and other content, will also be deleted from Apple’s servers. This process cancelled Apple Store appointments, and AppleCare cases, but not repairs or Apple Store orders.

The subscriptions linked to an account will be disconnected at the end of the billing cycle, but you will still be able to access the Apple ID associated with that account. Upgrade program users will continue to pay for their devices.

Apple’s digital storefronts may also be affected by these changes. Watches won’t work, and you won’t be able to play DRM-protected content you previously bought.

The account will be deleted permanently if you delete it.

It is important to keep in mind that Apple warns that your account cannot be reopened or reactivated once it has been deleted.

This does not include information needed to comply with court orders or financial reporting. Once the Apple ID is deleted, it is functionally useless to its owner.

To safeguard any personal data you may want to keep, Apple recommends performing a few steps before deleting it.

Steps to follow before you delete an Apple ID

  1. Backup iCloud data. Including data you have uploaded and data that apps may upload.
  2. Go to the website that you purchased the content from and download the content that is DRM-free. This includes all the videos and music you have purchased.
  3. Ensure you are subscribed. If you discover a service that you want to keep using with an Apple ID separate from the Apple ID, you should review the subscriptions anyway.
  4. Be sure to log out of your devices after you have finished using them. The account deletion will prevent you from signing out of iCloud or turning off Find My iPhone, and even prevent you from using the device as a whole.

How to delete

You must go through a series of steps if you wish to delete your account. Once the process has been completed, the user can request to have his or her account deleted.

Delete your Apple ID by following these steps

  1. It is possible that two-factor authentication will be requested of you before you can move on.
  2. Click the link to Delete your account under the heading Delete your account.
  3. Click Continue after selecting a reason for deletion.
  4. Once you’ve gone through the checklist, click Continue.
  5. Click Continue after reviewing the Deletion Terms & Conditions.
  6. To receive updates on the deletion of your account, click Continue to receive status updates.The email address, phone number, or Apple ID can be different.
  7. Make a note of the Apple access code.
  8. Click the Continue button when you have entered the access code to confirm what you noted down was correct.
  9. It is important that you read the final reminders regarding how deleting your account will affect you, and then click Delete Account to proceed.
  10. Please click “Sign out” to exit the confirmation page.

In this particular case, the process itself is not an automatic deletion of the account, but rather, a request to Apple for the account and its associated data to be removed to comply with the law. In order to maintain the security of the account, Apple will verify the request before deleting the account, and the entire process could take up to seven days. to seven days.

While the account is being verified, it will still be active throughout that period. In addition, Apple Support can reactivate your account during this period, provided you provide them with the access code that was provided when you contacted them.

An alternative – account deactivation

In the event that permanently deleting your data is not something you are interested in, you can still close your account temporarily while retaining its data, etc. You can refer to this process as deactivating your Apple ID.

It should be noted that deactivating an Apple ID account does not delete data, but rather suspends access to all associated data, including any data that was attached to the account. It is almost impossible to process and gain access to the data from Apple’s side, except for items where Apple is obliged to use the data for legal reasons such as the return of funds.

Since the result is practically identical to deleting an account, we can say from experience that the result is identical. The only difference is whether or not we can restore the account with all the data intact.

There are a few minor differences that need to be made to the process, but it is the same

You need to do to deactivate your Apple ID account

  1. If you are prompted to perform two-factor authentication to continue, log in with your Apple ID to Apple’s Data and Privacy website.
  2. You will find a link to Request to deactivate your account under the heading temporarily deactivate your account.
  3. From the drop-down box that appears on the new page, select a reason for deactivating the account, then click on the Continue button.
  4. When you’ve gone through the checklist of things to consider, click Continue.
  5. Make sure you have reviewed the Deactivation Terms & Conditions and have checked the box, then click Continue.
  6. Select how you wish to receive account status updates.
  7. Make a note of the Apple access code.
  8. Click Continue to confirm what you noted down was accurate.
  9. Deactivate your account by checking the final reminders.
  10. Click Sign out on the confirmation page.

You can supply Apple Support with the access code to stop the deactivation if Apple deactivates the account a few days later. Keep your Apple ID access code in a safe place, since you need it to restore your account if it’s deleted.


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