How to fix an iPhone that is not charging

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By Erric Buttlar

There are a number of potential reasons why your iPhone could not be charging, but fortunately there are several fixes we can attempt to enable your device to start charging once again.

There are numerous straightforward causes for an iPhone that won’t charge, including problems with your charger, the charging cable, or even the iPhone’s charging port. This tutorial is intended to help you identify what could be causing the problem with your iPhone and solve it so that it can start charging once again.

There may be something in the iPhone charging port

The charging connector on your iPhone is one of the most frequent sources of iPhone charging problems. When your smartphone is plugged in, the port may easily collect dirt, lint, and other material from your pockets, preventing it from charging. Even though you generally won’t notice this debris if you peek inside the charging port, it may be a significant issue with iPhones that won’t charge and is readily fixable.

Using a wooden or plastic toothpick and inserting it into the charging port on your iPhone is the easiest method to determine if anything is obstructing it.

To avoid damaging anything, be cautious to slide the pick into the charging port slowly. Although they are constructed of metal, it is preferable to use something like wood or plastic that has a lower likelihood of harming the port. You may also use the iPhone SIM tool that comes with your smartphone. If it doesn’t work, there could be another problem.

There is a problem with the charger or lightning cable

Another potential cause of your iPhone’s inability to charge is a problem with the device’s charger or lightning connector. The quickest approach to determine whether this is the problem is to replace the cable, charger, or both with a new one.

Try connecting your iPhone to your computer using the lightning cable if you don’t have a spare one. The wire is OK but the charger is broken if it charges. Having an extra lightning cord and charger for your smartphone is always useful. If you don’t have a spare, it could be a good idea to borrow one from a friend or coworker so you can determine if the problem is with your charger or cable.

If you have a second device or a friend’s device, you may try your charger and cord there as well. If it charges their device but not yours, the cable and charger are in good working order.

Software may be causing the issue, try a hard reset

Sometimes a software problem prevents your iPhone from charging; you may try doing a hard reset on your iPhone to see if this will fix the problem. You may conduct a hard reset on every model of the iPhone using our helpful tutorial.

Once you have reset your device, plug it in, and assuming the issue has been resolved, your iPhone should begin to charge.

My iPhone won’t charge because of a hardware problem.

One other possibility for why your iPhone may not be charging is that there is a hardware issue with the phone, which might include the charging connector or other components.

You must take the device to an Apple Store, an Apple-approved repairer, or a third-party repair shop so that they may test it and determine why the iPhone won’t charge. It will be advisable to take it to an Apple Store or repair shop if you have tried all of the aforementioned methods and none of them have worked.

Please leave a comment below to let us know if you found this post informative and if it helped any of you get your iPhone charging and operating once again. Visit Apple’s website for further information about how to get your iPhone or iPod’s charging working again. We really hope you have found this tutorial to be helpful and that it has assisted you in recharging your iPhone.

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