How To Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error on Android or Iphone

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By Muhammad Usman

If you install a SIM card into your phone, do you receive the errors “SIM not provisioned” or “SIM not provisioned mm#2”? Learn why you’re receiving this error message from this article, along with 8 possible fixes, in the next few minutes.

The SIM card in your phone isn’t being recognized, as this error indicates. You wouldn’t be able to access cellular data, transmit or receive voicemails, or carry out other tasks that call for a SIM card as a result. Use the troubleshooting methods listed below if this accurately fits your present circumstance.

However, let’s first get into more detail about this problem and its causes.

What Does Sim Not Provisioned Mean

There is an issue prohibiting your Android or iOS smartphone from connecting to the carrier network of the SIM card when it displays the message “Your SIM is not provisioned.” If the SIM card is brand-new, perhaps the carrier provider hasn’t registered or activated it.

  1. The carrier network has blocked your SIM card, which is another scenario where you could run across this issue.
  2. The carrier network is having issues, especially when activating SIM cards.
  3. You are making use of the SIM card at an unapproved place outside the cellular provider’s coverage region

1.Enable Airplane Mode

Turn your phone back off when it is in airplane mode after a little delay. By doing this, you can fix the “SIM not provisioned” error and update your device’s connection with your cellular provider.

Tap the airplane icon in the Control Center on your iPhone or Android device’s Notification Drawer.

To turn off airplane mode, wait a brief period of time and hit the same symbol. If the error message continues to appear on your phone, try the next tip.

2. Restart Phone

You might be able to resolve this issue by restarting your phone. Allow the SIM to activate on the carrier network for a few minutes once your phone turns back on. The moment has come to finish the laundry if this doesn’t address the issue.

3.Clean SIM Card and SIM Ports

If there are foreign objects in the SIM tray, SIM slot, or SIM card, your phone might not recognize them and activate your SIM card. Dirt, grime, dust, and other foreign materials are what we mean by this. Verify that these substances are not present on your SIM card or SIM port.

Clean the SIM card and the port on your phone’s SIM tray by ejecting it (s). Turning off your device is advised before to doing that.

Cleaning the SIM card’s gold contact requires using a soft, dry cloth. The SIM card tray and slot should be treated similarly. To avoid damaging the metal contacts while cleaning the SIM card slot, use as little force is possible.

Using compressed air from a can, you may remove loose debris from hollow SIM card ports. By using your mouth to blow air into the port, you risk damaging it with water vapor. Make sure the SIM card is accurately inserted and that the SIM tray is properly fitted before replacing it.

4. First Check if the SIM Card is Broken

Check if the SIM card is broken or otherwise physically damaged when your phone indicates that your SIM card is not provisioned. Your phone may be experiencing trouble reading data from your SIM card even though it is active and in working order.

  1. Remove your phone’s card tray and examine your SIM card to see how it is doing.
  2. Examine the SIM card after removing it from the tray. Check to see if there are any dings or other indications of damage.
  3. Request a replacement SIM card from your carrier if you notice any symptoms of damage or if your SIM card is actually broken. Your carrier will be pleased to provide you with a new, functional SIM card for your phone if you get in touch with them.
  4. Continue reading this article to find more options to solve your problem if the SIM card appears to be in good condition and shows no symptoms of damage.

5.Make Sure the SIM Card is Properly Inserted

Many times, those in a rush wind up incorrectly placing their SIM cards into their phones. The enthusiasm over the new phone or a lack of time could both be to blame for this. In any case, your phone won’t be able to read the information on the SIM card if you haven’t placed it properly.

The carrier cannot be contacted if your phone cannot recognize the SIM card. A notification stating that the SIM card is not supplied is then shown on your phone as a result.

  1. Remove your phone’s SIM card tray, remove the card, replace it in the proper position, and then replace the tray.
  2. You ought to discover that the error notification has vanished from your phone and that your carrier has reconnected you.

6.Check if the SIM Card is Activated

Your SIM card’s inactivation is a crucial factor in why your phone reports that it is not provisioned. This typically occurs when a fresh SIM card is being activated or when you insert the card into a new phone. The aforementioned mistake will be fixed from your phone once you activate your SIM card by getting in touch with your carrier.

Different carriers have different processes for activating SIM cards. For your SIM card to be activated, you typically need to call your carrier from a different phone. A process to activate the card may be required by some carriers when you log in to your account.

These procedures ought to help you activate your AT&T SIM card.

  1. Start by using your web browser to navigate to the AT&T website.
  2. After selecting the SIM card alone option from the dropdown menu, click the Go button to proceed.
  3. To activate your SIM card, simply follow the on-screen directions.

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