How to hide your iPhone apps

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By Erric Buttlar

This article will demonstrate how to hide your iPhone apps while keeping them installed; this is a simple process. This article will teach you all you need to know to use this useful function on your iPhone.

There are several reasons why you would wish to conceal applications on your iPhone, including the possibility that your home screen is overrun with them. You have the option of hiding a single app or a page of apps on your smartphone.

How do you hide a single app on the iPhone?

Select the app you wish to conceal, then long-press it until the menu shown above appears. This will hide only that one app from your smartphone. Then, after selecting “Remove App” from the menu, you are presented with two choices. Remove from the Home Screen or delete the app. “Remove from Home Screen” is the option you must choose. In this case, I wanted to get rid of the Facebook app off my home screen.

Your app will be removed from the iPhone’s Home Screen once you have chosen to “Remove from Home Screen.” As you can see, it is quite simple to remove an app from your iPhone’s home screen without really uninstalling it. This indicates that even if the app isn’t taking up space on your home screen, you may still access it anytime you want. The app will be entirely deleted from your smartphone and all of its data will be erased if you choose the Delete App option.

How can I find the app I removed from the Home Screen?

The app you deleted from your iPhone’s Home Screen is still there; it’s just been transferred to the App Library.

This implies that you may use the search function on your iPhone’s right swipe to quickly find the app on your device. Simply enter the app’s name—in this example, “Google Maps”—and it will display; click it to start the programme.

How do I hide a page of multiple apps on the iPhone?

It is quite simple to hide a whole page of applications on your iPhone if you wish to conceal more than one programme, and it is as simple to reveal this page of apps if you need to.

On your iPhone, scroll to the page of programmes you want to conceal, then tap a spot on the page where there are no apps until the apps start to wiggle on the screen. The minus symbol will then appear next to the apps, along with a few dots at the bottom of the display.

When the page menu appears after pressing the dots at the bottom of the screen, you may uncheck the page you wish to conceal on your iPhone. The apps may still be accessed through the app Library even after the page has been disabled.

If you wish to return to that page of applications on your iPhone, click anywhere on the screen until the apps begin to jitter and the minus sign appears; this will take you to the page menu. Choose the page you want to show on the home screen of your iPhone, and it will be restored.

You may opt to have as many pages of applications as you like on your device and to conceal any iPhone app you would like from the Home Screen. Your app page should be restored.

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