How to hide your number on iPhone

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By Erric Buttlar

This article will explain all you need to know how to hide your number on iPhone so you may make calls without giving away your number. You may use this function to make calls without disclosing your mobile phone number when you dial a number.

There are instances when you want to call someone, but you do not want them to know your number. For instance, you may be phoning a business to ask a question but you don’t want to give them your number.

There are several ways to achieve this, and further information on each is provided below. The manner you go about doing this will vary depending on the nation.

How do I hide my number on the iPhone?

When you want to make a call but don’t want the person on the other end to know your phone number, there are two ways to hide the number on your iPhone. When calling businesses to whom you do not wish to provide your phone number, this might be helpful.

Your iPhone may be configured to permanently hide your phone number, which prevents it from being shared during calls.

The second technique involves adding a number before the phone number you wish to contact in order to mask your number solely during particular calls. Each nation has a different number that you’ll need for this.

How do I permanently hide your number on the iPhone?

You must modify your iPhone’s settings in order to prevent your phone number from ever being disclosed when you make a call.

You can prevent your number from being concealed on every call you make on your iPhone by opening to the Settings app, choosing Phone, Show My Caller ID, and then switching the toggle to the offsetting.

How do I temporarily hide your number on the iPhone?

If you live in the USA, you must prefix the phone number with #31# in order to do this for each call you place. For instance, you would need to dial #31# 800-692-7753 if you wanted to reach Apple in the USA at that number.

In the UK, you must include a slightly different number before the phone number. You must first call 141, then the desired number. Therefore, if you called Apple in the UK at 0800 048 0408, you would need to dial 141 0800 048 0408.

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