How to see who viewed my Facebook profile? (2022)

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By Erric Buttlar

I never miss checking my Facebook page, where I may see many likes, comments, and sharing of my posts, while I am engaging in a little ego-surfing. My ego is definitely raised by this. But at the same time, I wonder whether I can find out who has looked at my Facebook page. Well, I got a response.

We must be aware of social media’s drawbacks as well since it is a Pandora’s Box. Some individuals find voyeuristic delight in perusing other people’s images and private lives. If you learn that someone has violated your privacy without your permission, you may act right away since someone who is not on your list of friends has been viewing your profile.

Facebook unequivocally responds, “No, Facebook doesn’t allow you trace who visits your FB profile. “, when questioned. Additionally, third-party applications are unable to provide this feature. Please report any apps that make this claim if you come across them.

However, our inquisitive nature is always eager to learn which of our friends and foes are interested in checking our profile. We have a solution for such people that will allow you to see who has seen your Facebook profile page. Enough blathering; let’s begin the procedure.

There is just one way that is effective right now. You must examine the Facebook profile’s page source.

How to know who viewed my Facebook profile?

  1. Open on your PC and sign in using your username and password in Chrome or Firefox.
  2. To access your profile page, click on your name in the top-left corner.
  3. Once you’re on your profile page, utilize your mouse’s right-click function.
  4. Click View Page Source in the pop-up menu.
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  5. HTML content is abundant in the page source. Please press CTRL + F on your keyboard. Use Command () + F on a Mac keyboard to enter the word.
  6. Now copy this code and put it into the search bar: “Initialchatfriendslist.”
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  7. With this command, innumerable numbers will be shown sequentially. These are the Facebook friends profile IDs who commonly visit and see your profile page.
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  8. Paste the number next to by copying and pasting the number. Do not forget to log into Facebook. Don’t take into account the -2 that follows each profile ID when you duplicate the number.
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  9. You may see the person who often accessed your Facebook page by hitting the Enter key.

The aforementioned operation may be repeated several times using various codes that you must have discovered on Page Source.


Numerous Chrome extensions and third-party applications make the promise to assist you identify the people who visit your Facebook page the most. However, these tools are completely unreliable, therefore you should stay away from utilising them.


Although you are aware of this tactic, there is a potential that others are as well. Therefore, don’t mistake a quick call from someone whose profile you usually visit for telepathy. She may be utilising this method to see who is looking at her or his Facebook page.

Have you found this technique to be intriguing? Do you want to know who has visited your Facebook profile? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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