iOS 16: New features, iPhone compatibility, release date

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By Muhammad Usman

One of the most significant upgrades to the iPhone’s Lock Screen since iOS 7 arrives with iOS 16. There are several advantages to this operating system, including enhancements for Focus Mode, more continuity options, and changes to Messages.

New Lock Screen, revamped notification center, and deeper Focus Mode integration

With iOS 16, Apple’s major wager is the redesigned Lock Screen. By touching an element on your Lock Screen, you may change its placement, color, or font. You may alter the appearance of the date and time using the new font styles and color options.

Users may add third-party widgets to the Lock Screen using Widgets and a new API. In a later version, Live Activities may display current sporting events or monitor the status of your Uber journey, for instance.

The finest element of iOS 16’s photo and style suggestions is how well it integrates with Focus Mode. You may alter the lock screen background, design, and even widgets, depending on your Focus.

Additionally, Focus Mode may be activated at a certain time, place, or while utilizing a specific app. Last but not least, you may define limitations in Apple applications like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari by using Focus filters.

Finally, the updated notification center now displays notifications from bottom to top. Additionally, the system conceals more useful messages based on your focus mode.

Live Text and Visual Look Up Enhancements

Through the use of on-device intelligence, Live Text can now also identify text in videos on iOS devices. Any frame in a movie can be paused for interaction with text by the user. Additionally, Live Text gives users the option to rapidly translate text, change currencies, and more.

By adding a new feature that enables users to press and hold on to an image’s topic to lift it out of the background and insert it into applications like Messages, Visual Look Up enhances photographs. Birds, insects, and monuments may all be recognized with Visual Look Up.

Wallet Adds Apple Pay Later, Order Tracking, and Other Features

iPhone HoWallet Adds Apple Pay Later, Order Tracking, and Other Featuresw to change your 5G settings for better battery life or faster speeds-featured

Users in the US now have access to Apple Pay Later, a simple and safe method to divide the amount of an Apple Pay transaction into four equal payments spread over six weeks with no fees or interest. 3 Apple Pay Later, which is integrated with Apple Wallet and was created with consumers’ financial security in mind, making it simple to monitor, track, and remit Apple Pay Later payments inside of Wallet. Users may apply for Apple Pay Later in Wallet or when paying with Apple Pay. Everywhere that Mastercard is accepted online or with an app, Apple Pay Later is accessible. 4 Users may also obtain thorough receipts and order tracking information for Apple Pay purchases from participating merchants in Wallet with the help of Apple Pay Order Tracking.

Expanded support is added for keys and IDs in wallet. For applications that need identification and age verification, users can utilise their ID in Wallet. Only the information required for the transaction will be supplied to the app in order to provide a private and secure experience. The user may check the information and give their approval to share it using Face ID or Touch ID. In Wallet, users may also safely share their house, hotel, business, and automobile keys with others via chat applications like Messages, Mail, and others.

The Uber Eats account of a user is displayed in Wallet with their consent.

An iPhone display depicts a person safely sending a hotel room key using Messages.

The possibilities for electronically exchanging a hotel room key are displayed on an iPhone screen.

How to install the iOS 16 public beta?

  1. Create a new backup of your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Navigate to the public beta website of Apple using your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Sign in if necessary by tapping the arrow in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Ensure that you are currently using the iOS “Guide for Public Betas”
  5. Tap enrol your iOS device under the Get Started section by swiping down.
  6. Tap Download Profile after another downward swipe.
  7. Go to Settings on your smartphone and choose Profile Downloaded towards the top after tapping Allow to download the profile.
  8. If necessary, enter your passcode after selecting Install in the top right corner.
  9. After reading the permission agreement, choose Install twice more.
  10. You’ll be prompted to restart your iPhone or iPad to apply the changes.
  11. Return to Settings > General > Software update when it restarts.
  12. iOS 16 public beta should be available; select Download and Install.

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