iPad, iPhone, and Macs let you type Apple logos

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By Erric Buttlar

An Apple logo can be typed with just a keystroke if you have a Mac. Using an iPhone or iPad takes a lot more fiddling and will never happen by accident.

I find it amazing that Apple won’t put its logo on the stickers it provides. The Apple logo does not appear in Messages, for example.

It’s easier to type on a Mac. On an iPhone or iPad, you can get it typed for you.

Watches and Apple TV aren’t supported by this app.

A Mac user’s guide to typing the Apple logo

No matter what Mac you have, no matter what application you use:

  • Hold down the Option key
  • Hold down the Shift key
  • Hit the letter K on your keyboard

Even the Finder can be used to do this. A list of documents related to Apple is arranged alphabetically at the bottom.

There may be some options for adjusting the logo if you use a word processor. You can alter the font size to make the logo size smaller or larger. A typed symbol is inserted.

The appearance of some fonts has changed over the years as well but in no discernible pattern. Chalkboard, for example, displays the Apple logo in a crude and pixelated manner. But when you use Chalkduster, the Apple logo appears as a smooth outline.

Where you can find the Apple logo symbol on iPhones and iPads

A Bluetooth keyboard or a Magic Keyboard plugged into your iPad or iPhone also allows you to type Option-Shift-K.

The Apple logo cannot be typed on iOS or iOS otherwise. Yet, they can display it, so the problem is only in writing it to those devices.

As a result, copying and pasting the symbol from the web is the easiest and fastest method. Here is the symbol *.

In any case, you will not be able to make use of the symbol if you need to use it regularly. Through text replacement, the iPhone, iPad, and Mac will remember it once you have done it once.

Apple logo symbols are used to replace text in documents

If you set it up once, all devices will be able to access it. This is particularly useful on iOS devices.

The fastest way to begin is to use a Mac.

  1. Navigate to System Preferences in Mac OS X
  2. Choose Keyboard, then Text
  3. Click on the + sign at the bottom
  4. Use a memorable word or phrase to complete the Replace box
  5. Option-Shift-K will now display the With window

The Apple logo will appear instead of the memorable word if the space bar is pressed after typing “TypeApple”.

The same is true for iPhones and iPads.

These devices are also compatible with it. Once you locate the symbol, you will need to copy and paste it since you can’t type it directly.

  • Open the Apple Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Click the General option
  • Decide on a keyboard
  • Replacement of text by tapping
  • Choose the + sign at the top right
  • Place the Apple logo in the first box, Phrase
  • In the second box, Shortcut, type the memorable word or string of letters you want to use
  • Press Save in the upper right corner

There’s an interesting difference between the Mac and iPhone, where you enter the memorable word first and then the Apple logo.

Even so, you will be able to access it instantly on all your devices, no matter which device you create it on. You can type out Type Apple – or whatever typing shortcut you’ve set up – even on a Mac if you remember Option-Shift-K.


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