iPad Pro 2022 rumored release date, price, specs, design, and more

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Everything we know so far about the iPad Pro 2022

We’re anticipating the release of an iPad Pro 2022, even if it’s not the case the Apple Peek Performance Event in March ended with only an iPad Air 5 appearing.

Yet, Apple has revised its premium tablet each year since its introduction (excluding the year 2019). With the last year’s iPad Pro being one of the most significant updates to date we’re looking forward to seeing what Apple is planning for 2022. Rumors are a bit scarce and sporadic. But, with a launch date rumored to be coming up and we’ll probably learn more concerning the newly announced iPad Pro shortly.

We’ve got all we know about the iPad Pro 2022 so far along with some ideas in the unlikely possibility Apple is at its best.

iPad Pro 2022 latest rumors The iPad Pro 2022 has been scheduled for a fall 2022 launch and is likely to feature a brand newly developed Apple M2 processor inside.

Many analysts are now saying that they believe that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is unlikely to feature a mini-LED screen and Apple keeping that feature to the 12.9-inch model.

iPad Pro 2022 design

2022’s iPad Pro range is, as usual, anticipated to come in 11.2-inch as well as 12.9-inch sizes. There are design changes that appear to be in the works in this year’s iPad Pro 2022, and we’ve heard about a few already.

iPad Pro 2022 latest Like the rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and, indeed, the 2021 MacBook Pro, Apple could be adding a notch to the iPad Pro’s design. However, a more recent report from 9to5Mac says that while Apple is considering this move, the decision is not set in stone.

iPad Pro 2022 latest Like the reported Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 ultra and it is possible that the 2021 MacBook Pro, Apple might be considering adding a notch to the iPad Pro’s appearance. However, a recent news report by 9to5Mac states that although Apple is evaluating this option the final decision isn’t fixed in the stone.

A notch would make an even more sensible choice here than on Apple’s top-of-the-line laptops because the iPad Pro comes with FaceID. iPad Pro uses FaceID for authentication, which results in large camera footprints. However, it’s not likely to be a huge hit even if the notch results in smaller bezels.

Another design change we’ve heard about by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is a glass back that could be used for the possibility of wireless charging. While it’s been an option on Apple’s non-SE iPhones there’s a possibility that it will be a step forward with reverse-wireless charging. That means it’ll be able to recharge batteries of different devices, such as the Apple Watch, your iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods. This could be a new step towards the expected long-term goal of devices to be able to charge one another via the internet (though it’s still a long way off).

Apple is believed to be working on a huge 15-inch iPad, which will compete with larger smart displays and its display component partner BOE has modified its factory to create the OLED display of 15 inches However, the larger screen is thought to be at a minimum sometime away.

iPad Pro 2022 specs

iPad Pro 2022 rumored-specs
iPad Pro 2022 rumored-specs

Initial tips from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo as a piece of information from a leaker who is a regular source indicated that an 11-inch smaller iPad Pro tablet adopting mini-LED screen technology this time. This feature isn’t new, as it first came out in 2021. However, it was limited to 12.9-inch models that cost a lot more. It’s hoped that this will enable more customers to experience the darker blacks and greater brightness that the independently lit pixels can provide.

The issue is that Kuo is now reversing his claim since late and screen analyst Ross Young says an 11-inch iPad Pro with mini-LED is likely. This 12.9-inch model is performing quite well to the point that Apple is likely to restrict that feature to its top-priced tablet.

A different article from 9to5Mac reports there’s a possibility that The iPad Pro could be powered with Apple’s forthcoming M2 chip. The M2 has not been announced but is believed to be in MacBook Air 2002 and the MacBook Air 2002 and the entry-level MacBook Pro 2022 in the coming months. The M2 chip will provide better graphics and CPU performance.

For cameras, the 9to5Mac report states the iPad Pro 2022 might have the same camera configuration as that of the iPhone 13, which would provide amazing image quality and features like Cinematic mode to record video.

iPad Pro 2022 possible release date and price

Presently, the iPad Pro 2022 has been predicted for the fall release according to a reliable tipster along with Bloomberg Journalist Mark Gurman. This is logical considering that the previous iPad Pro models have been made public and released in the fall season.

In terms of pricing, for the iPad Pro 2022 price, you can anticipate a premium product. We believe that the 12.9-inch model will receive at minimum the same $100 increase that the 12.9-inch model was last year if the mini-LED display that has been rumored to be coming is revealed.

The tablet would begin at $899 for the 11-inch model and $1,099 for the 12.9-inch model. This, however, is only the starting price and is currently going up to $2,199 if you’re looking for a 2TB 12.9-inch model that has 5G connectivity.


Can’t wait? The 2020 iPad Pro also makes for an excellent tech upgrade which will make you save quite an amount of money.

iPad Pro 2022: What would we like to see?

To be completely sincere, be honest, iPad Pro is a great product. iPad Pro is already an outstanding product, and we’re not to identify any significant flaws that require immediate improvement. We do, however, have a few ideas.

To be precise be clear, this 2020 iPad Pro has a perfectly decent battery life, but it’s apparent how the 12.9-inch version “only” managed ten hours and 48 minutes during our test of internet browsing however, the 11-inch model clocked 13:42. If this is an indication that the mini-LED display is more powerful than the IPS screen and both have adopted the first screen this time there will likely be more cells to make up for it.

iPad Pro currently comes in two colors, space grey, and silver, which means there’s it’s not a lot of options. In recent times, Apple has been experimenting with a wider selection of colors available for both its iPhone 13 and the 24-inch iMac which is wonderful for consumers to be able to opt for a brighter iPad Pro too.

This is going to a point where it’s extremely unlikely at the moment However, the iPad Pro is indeed at its most effective when it is paired with two first-party accessories include it comes with the Apple Pencil for doodling and the Smart Keyboard to make it function as a laptop substitute. Based on the revenue Apple earns from selling these accessories and separately, this is unlikely to be changing anytime shortly, but we can think about it…


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