LEROU automatic head massaging robot

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By Erric Buttlar

LEROU is a brand-new robotic headmaster Roger that can assist with stress management and relaxation whenever necessary. The headgear comes with a finely tuned mechanical massage robot that may help you fall asleep more soundly and reduce tension when things become tough. Learn more about the LEROU head massager in the demonstration video below. Earlybird pledges start at about £130 on Kickstarter.

“Exhausted from stress; agitated and unable to settle down; poor sleep quality or inability to sleep at night, eventually leading to bad mental state and ineffective work the following day. LEROU Robot, a personal head massager that will help you unwind and feel comfortable without interfering with your job, is now available. You’ll really feel as though someone is massaging your temples when using it. It makes you feel drowsy and eventually enhances the quality of your sleep. The LEROU Robot will alter the way you unwind and go to sleep. Lerou Robot is like a beautician’s fingertips that massages the corner of your eyes for those who dislike crow’s feet. Crow’s feet can be stopped in their tracks by regular use.

“LEROU is very easy to operate and handy; the LED Display allows you to view the complete amount of time the massage robot has been operating. To activate or stop the massage robot, press and hold the button for three seconds. The LEROU Robot uses a technique that simulates human massage. As a result, using LEROU Robot will make you feel like a masseuse is giving you a massage. What’s best? You simply turn on the LEROU Robot, place it on your head, and continue working on your own tasks. Let your LEROU take care of holding things in place for you; you don’t need to.

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