New Xbox Games with Gold March 2022 include Flame in the Flood, Sacred 2 and more

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By Erric Buttlar

Xbox players seeking for new games may be interested to hear that the March 2022 Games with Gold collection is now available and has SpongeBob’s Truth or Square, Street Power Soccer, Sacred 2 Fallen Angel, The Flame in the Flood, and that month’s featured title, The Flame in the Flood.

Xbox Games with Gold March 2022

  1. The Flame in the Flood ($19.99 ERP): Available March 1 to 31
  2. Street Power Soccer ($29.99 ERP): Available March 16 to April 15
  3. Sacred 2 Fallen Angel ($19.99 ERP): Available March 1 to 15
  4. SpongeBob’s Truth or Square ($19.99 ERP): Available March 16 to 31

Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold at the same time. The Flame in the Flood, Street Power Soccer, and Sacred 2 Fallen Angel for the Xbox One, as well as SpongeBob’s Truth or Dare for the Xbox 360, are all part of March’s 2022 Games with Gold roster. The March lineup offers up to 4000 Gamerscore and over $89.96 in value.

The Flame in the Flood

A girl and her dog travel across the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America on foot and via raft. Gather supplies, make tools, treat illnesses, avoid hazardous creatures, and, most importantly, maintain your health in a hostile environment.

Street Power Soccer

In this short, action-packed version of the lovely game, flaunt your twisted sense of style. Playgrounds, outrageous game modes, and stunts are all available to help you unleash your soccer superpowers. Play a game against your friends or against street heroes to see who will be crowned the Street King!

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

Choose whether to start Light or Shadow campaigns to lessen the chaos in Ancaria or increase it. There are numerous objectives, personalities, adventures, and deadly battles in this gaming universe, which smoothly combines single-player and multiplayer action.

SpongeBob’s Truth or Square

The secret recipe for Krabby Patty has been forgotten by SpongeBob. SpongeBob will need your assistance, along with some support from his Bikini Bottom friends, to utilise Plankton’s memory machine to relive his most joyful memories and discover the recipe.

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