Paramount Plus on Apple Devices: apps, devices, free trial, launch time, shows and what we know

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By Erric Buttlar

When CBS All Access changed its name to Paramount Plus in March 2021, it continued to host the library of shows produced by the CBS Entertainment Group while also offering original programming including the iCarly revival and Yellowstone prequel-1883.

With over 30,000 hours of movies and TV episodes currently available, Paramount Plus—which is also where you can watch the NFL live—has gathered more than 39.6 million customers, is now accessible in Latin America, Canada, and Australia, and has ambitions to become a more universal platform. Following its arrival in South Korea, it will shortly make its way to the UK with the intention of sweeping over much of Europe before 2022 is through.

Additionally, the Paramount Plus app has specialized hubs for Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, and The Smithsonian Channel, among other ViacomCBS-owned entertainment outlets.

But do you like this streaming service? The series that are coming to Paramount Plus, which devices are compatible with the service’s app, if there is a free trial period, and other information are all detailed below.

When will Paramount Plus arrive where I am?

Beginning in the first quarter of 2022, Paramount Plus will be accessible in the US, Latin America, Canada, Australia, and the Nordic nations of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Additionally, Paramount Plus debuted in the UK on June 22.

This year, it will continue to spread throughout Europe, including in countries like Germany, Italy, and others. It will arrive in France and the Caribbean in late 2022, and its spread into Africa and Asia is planned for 2023.

Is there a free trial for new Paramount Plus subscribers?

If you’re interested in a free trial of Paramount Plus, check out our guide to see how and for how long new members may do so.

What is Paramount Plus?

The renamed version of the CBS All Access service is called Paramount Plus. Because CBS All Access is not available in the majority of foreign nations, ViacomCBS has a little streaming presence abroad. Therefore, while the rebranding aspect is significant for US clients, the worldwide aim is more significant in this case.

The goal is to tap into a wider pool of content from the parent company’s portfolio, which includes both a collection of classic TV episodes and films and a number of original productions. Whatever US subscribers enjoyed on CBS All Access is now a significant component of Paramount Plus. CBS All Access included news and sports content, including UEFA events.

More than 30,000 TV episodes, 2,500 films, and a variety of original series are all available on Paramount Plus.

Depending on current license agreements, the material may differ internationally. For instance, Amazon now owns the rights to broadcast Star Trek: Picard outside of the US, so don’t anticipate seeing an identical collection everywhere at first.

Paramount Plus cost: How much are plans?

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The cost of Paramount Plus is $4.99 per month for advertisements (opens in new tab) or $9.99 per month for none (opens in new tab).

The same on-demand originals and library programming will be available on all levels, but only the higher tier will have access to local CBS stations. The higher tier option also includes additional sports and live CBS TV. Everything is explained in the graphic above.

You may download your shows and view them offline if you have the premium subscription.

The fundamental plan is $4.17 per month and the premium costs $8.33 if you opt to join up for an annual plan, which saves you 16 % (opens in new tab).

Showtime is now included in a package plan offered by Paramount Plus starting at just $11.99 per month, allowing you to watch shows like Yellow Jackets, Billions, and the revival of Dexter: New Blood.

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Paramount Plus apps: which devices are compatible?

Paramount Plus is available on the following supported devices, according to this help page(opens in new tab):

  • Apple TV (‘Supported versions’ on 4th Gen and 4K)
  • iPhone and iPad (iOS 11+)
  • Android TV (including NVidia Shield, Sony Bravia TVs from 2015 onwards, Hisense Android TVs, TCL 3-Series Smart TVs)
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV (including Fire Stick and Fire Cube)
  • Portal TV
  • PS4
  • Samsung TV
  • Visio TV
  • LG TV
  • Roku (most models)
  • Xbox Series S and X
  • Xfinity Flex
  • Web browsers: Chrome, Safari (Max OS X 10.10+) and Microsoft Edge

Paramount Plus shows and originals

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Paramount Plus, which advertises itself as offering “live sports, breaking news, and a mountain of entertainment,” is already overflowing with fantastic TV shows, films, and live coverage, including exclusive, original programmers like Clifford the Big Read Dog, 1883, the Yellowstone prequel, Mayor of Kingstown, Star Trek Discovery, and Mayor of Kingstown.

The famous video game adaptation Halo, which feels like the closest thing the service has to a large The Mangalorean-style programme, will debut in 2022 as well. Fans of Frasier may anticipate its return airing on the platform sometime this year. The second spin-off, 6666, will help the Yellowstone-verse to continue to grow.

The National Women’s Soccer League, PGA golf, NFL, NCAA basketball, and UEFA soccer are among the sports available on the site.

Your children will like the movies available through the programme, such as Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run. The same can be said for the Indiana Jones and Star Trek films, both of which were accessible upon launch.

In addition, Paramount Plus has agreed to host upcoming MGM films including No Time to Die, House of Gucci, and Creed 3 following their paid TV premieres.

Other upcoming films, like Top Gun: Maverick, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Transformers 7, Dungeons and Dragons, and Scream, will be released following their theatrical or pay TV runs shows on paramount Plus and original.

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