Without a password, remove iCloud Activation Lock

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By Erric Buttlar

In the event that a seller is unavailable and your iPhone has iCloud Activation Lock, you can still use it. How to remove iCloud Activation Lock without password.

Occasionally, if you acquire an iPhone used or refurbished, you might run into iCloud Activation Lock issues. Activation Lock is part of Find My, and it helps iPhone and iPad owners lock down their devices and prevent others from accessing them.

It is possible for an iPhone to be in the legitimate owner’s hands but still blocked, requiring iCloud Activation Lock removal.

Suppose the owner enabled it but completely forgot their Apple ID and passcode, and all efforts to recover them have failed.

More likely, the lock was activated after the device was sold on, and the original owner is unable to remove the lock. For device sellers, it is usually recommended that they wipe their hardware and disconnect their accounts, but sometimes this isn’t done.

If you want to bypass iCloud Activation Lock, you can use a tool like PassFab Activation Unlocker.

How can you use PassFab Activation Unlocker?

Activation Lock bypass can be achieved with PassFab Activation Unlocker. By working around the lock, it allows the user to set up their iPhone.

It can also remove iPad Activation Locks, as the same system can protect iPads using iPadOS.

In addition to bypassing the activation lock on iPhones, the software can also be utilized for various other activation errors. You can activate an iPhone with an old iOS version or if it is locked to a different carrier.

It’s possible to do other things in such circumstances, such as contacting the carrier, checking the SIM is seated correctly, or even restarting the device. You’ll need a tool like this if these fail to fix the issue.

1. Use PassFab Activation Unlocker

Both Windows and Mac versions of PassFab Activation Unlocker have detailed processes. PassFab’s website also provides instructions for bypassing iCloud activation lock.

It is also possible to remove iCloud lock from devices via a YouTube video.

Attach the iPhone or iPad.

Download and install PassFab Activation Unlocker. Run it and choose Remove iCloud Activation Lock, then click Start.

Please tick the checkbox to confirm you have read and understood the user agreement, then click Next.

Mac-jailbreaking for iPhone and iPad

Plug your iPhone into the Mac. Activation Unlocker detects the connected device and downloads a jailbreaking tool to complete the process.

The app should be downloaded, connected to your Mac with a USB cable throughout, and fully charged before using. Click Start Jailbreak to begin the process.

iOS and Windows jailbreak

The jailbreak must be performed from a bootable USB flash drive, if you wish to jailbreak Windows from one.

When you connect your iPhone to PassFab Activation Unlocker, a jailbreaking tool is downloaded automatically. A USB flash drive will then be asked for, which will be wiped and made bootable by the tool.

Select Start. Yes is the answer to deleting the drive.

After the USB drive has been installed, the next step is to reboot the computer and enter its BIOS. The jailbreak tool also tells you what commands to enter once the PC has successfully booted from the USB drive.

Once you have completed the jailbreak, boot your PC from the original system disk.

Register for iCloud

and you will see a confirmation window. To unlock your phone, click Start.

A final confirmation will be sent after the process of removing iCloud from iPhone activation is completed. Finish now.

Using your Apple ID, you can now begin configuring your iPhone or iPad.

Unlock the iCloud activation lock on your iPhone using Method 2.

Activation Lock may be disabled via iCloud if you have access to the Apple ID that initiated it.

Click here to learn how.

  • You can access iCloud.com from any browser. Please sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Click Find my iPhone. You’ll find it at the bottom right.
  • Choose All Devices at the top of the screen, then the iPhone or iPad you want to reset.
  • Press Erase iPhone or Erase iPad.
  • Tap Erase when prompted.

Method 3: Unlock iCloud Activation Lock with Apple ID Password

You have a couple options if you don’t know your password but know your Apple ID. To use the Apple Support app, you can borrow someone else’s Apple device, if you only own one.

Under Topics, choose Passwords & Security. “A different Apple ID” is selected after Reset Apple ID password.

Click Next after entering the Apple ID. Change the password as instructed.

Alternatively, go to appleid.apple.com to reset your Apple ID password in a browser.

To reset your Apple ID or password, click “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” underneath the login screen. Click Continue when prompted.

A security check may involve asking you for your security questions or phone number.

A password reset email can also be sent to your primary or rescue email address.

Your Apple ID recovery key must be entered if you have two-factor authentication. You cannot reset your password if you’ve permanently lost it.


This tool removes iCloud accounts from iPhone activation when the PassFab Activation Unlocker is used. iCloud activation lock can sometimes be unlocked with this tool if you have exhausted all other methods.

When a device must be wiped, AppleInsider always advises users to back up their data. If you acquire refurbished iPhones, this may not be as important, but it still makes sense.

A one-month license of PassFab Activation Unlocker costs $29.95 on Windows, $39.95 on Mac, and $49.95 on a lifetime license, affecting one PC and five devices. Generally the price for macOS is $39.95/month, $59.95/year, and $69.95/lifetime.

A 30% discount is available to buyers of PassFab Activation Unlocker, using coupon code REVIE for the one-month and one-year Windows licenses.


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