AirTag: Everything you need to know about Apple’s item tracker

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By Muhammad Usman

Apple has introduced the first item tracker it has ever created. Deep integration with Apple’s ecosystem and the Find My network is offered by AirTag, which is now available for purchase for $29 online. Here is all the information you require.

Best AirTag accessories and where to buy

AirTag retails for $29 for a single pack and $99 for a four-pack. AirTags are also available with letter and emoji engraving, however, this may cause an additional delay in delivery.

You will need an attachment to connect AirTag to your things because of the way it is designed. Some of our favorites are included below.

  • Leather Apple AirTag Keyring
  • Loop Apple AirTag Leather
  • AirTag Caseology Vault for Apple
  • Valentinus Spigen for AirTag

What is a Tile?

Lightweight Design with a Magical Setup

Popular third-party Bluetooth item trackers include Tile. It’s a little square thing that you stick on something, and then you can simply monitor it using the Tile app on your iPhone.

For instance, if you affix a Tile Pro to your keys, you may use the app to find them if you lose them. In addition, you may play sounds directly from the Tile and observe objects on a map. Since Tile item trackers have grown so well-liked over the past few years, it makes it natural that Apple will include such a feature in iOS.

Lightweight Design with a Magical Setup

Each circular AirTag is compact and light, made of precisely etched polished stainless steel, and is dust- and water-resistant to IP67 standards. 2 A built-in speaker plays noises to aid in the location of AirTag, and a detachable cover makes changing the battery simple for users. 3 Similar to how AirPods magically connect to your iPhone when you bring them near together, AirTag does the same. Users may give an object an AirTag and give it a personalized name of their own, or a preset name like “Keys” or “Jacket.”

When purchasing AirTag from or the Apple Store app, customers may add free engraving to make it their own, including text and a choice of 31 emoji. Customers may use a variety of Apple-designed AirTag accessories, such as the Polyurethane Loop, which is both lightweight and robust, and the Leather Loop and Leather Key Ring4, which are made of carefully tanned European leather, to conveniently tuck AirTag into a purse or pocket. Each accessory’s shell snugly wraps around AirTag and attaches to a user’s possessions, allowing them to further customize AirTag and guarantee that it is always with their key goods.

AirTag has a customizable free engraving option that includes text and a variety of emoji, and it can be slipped into a purse or pocket on its own or in conjunction with a broad choice of Apple-designed AirTag accessories.

Ultra Wideband

Each AirTag has a U1 chip, which according to Apple gives owners of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 access to special precision tracking functions. When a lost AirTag is within range, precision tracking—as Apple refers to it—can be utilized to pinpoint its location and orientation more.

The Apple-designed U1 chip, which uses Ultra-Wideband technology in each AirTag, enables Precision Finding for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 users. When an AirTag is lost and within range, this cutting-edge technology can more precisely calculate the location and direction of the tag. Precision Finding employs a combination of sound, haptics, and visual cues to direct users to AirTag as they walk by fusing data from the camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope.


A single AirTag costs $29, while a set of four costs $99 in total. In addition, Apple is offering a variety of AirTag accessories, including leather loops, key ring holders, and more. Orders for these items are currently being accepted. Amazon has recently started to provide several AirTag accessories that are more reasonably priced.

AirTag release date

On April 23, 2021, pre-orders for AirTag were available. On April 30, the first orders are delivered to consumers.

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