Download the new M2 iPad Pro and 10th-generation iPad wallpapers right here

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By Muhammad Usman

The new M2 iPad Pro and the 10th generation iPad, which go on sale this coming week, were both revealed by Apple this month. Additionally, all models arrive with iPadOS 16.1 and exclusive new wallpapers in addition to new features and hardware advancements. However, if you don’t want to purchase a new smartphone, you may download these new wallpapers right now.

M2 iPad Pro and iPad 10 wallpapers

M2 iPad Pro and iPad 10 wallpapers

With a completely new look that matches the rest of the iPad range, the new 10th-generation iPad is now available. Without the Home button, it has a 10.9-inch display, and Touch ID is now built into the Power button. The new iPad Pro has the same style and screen dimensions as the previous model but now features Apple’s M2 CPU.

A new wallpaper is included in iPadOS 16, which is now available to everyone, much like in iOS 16. Apple has designed new wallpapers, though, especially for the iPad 10 and M2 iPad Pro. The iPad 10 wallpapers are dubbed “Circles” and are based on the new iPad colors: silver, blue, pink, and yellow.

On the other side, the M2 iPad Pro wallpapers are referred to as “Lenses.” All of them feature a black backdrop with pink, purple, and blue-hued objects. There are bright and dark variations of each wallpaper.

The brand-new iPad wallpapers are available for download below in their full quality. Make sure you click the image, save the full-resolution wallpaper, and then if you’re using an iOS device, set it as your background image using the Photos app or Settings app.

How to download iPad and iPad Pro M2 wallpapers?

These wallpapers may be downloaded in a few easy steps. All you have to do is click the Download button next to the wallpaper you want to download, and you’ll be sent to a Google Drive website where you can do it for free.

That’s it!

What do you think of the new iPad 10 and iPad Pro M2 wallpapers now that you have access to them? I’m still baffled by Apple’s decision to limit compatibility for the iPad 2022’s Type-C connector to the first-generation Apple Pencil. Post your comments with your ideas.

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