Download the new iPad Air 5 wallpapers for your devices right here

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By Muhammad Usman

The fifth-generation iPad Air from Apple, equipped with the M1 processor, 5G connection, and Center Stage, was unveiled last week. The iPad Air 5 features the same style as the previous model but comes in new colors and with new wallpapers that you can download right now for your devices.

The wallpapers debuted with the iPad Air 4 in 2020, which are internally referred to as “Ribbons” because of their forms, are remarkably similar to the new wallpapers for the iPad Air 5. The new wallpapers, which are based on the new iPad hues of Space Grey, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Starlight, have deeper tones this time.

There are five new wallpapers, each of which is offered in both bright and dark variations. These are the files at their original resolutions because the photographs were taken directly from the iOS firmware.

The brand-new iPad Air 5 wallpapers are available for download below in their full resolution. If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, be sure you click the I button and save the full-resolution wallpaper. You can then change it using the Pictures app or Settings app.

The good news is that these new background photos were directly extracted from the original IPSW file, so you don’t need to download iPadOS 15.4 to use them. The HEIC files are just converted to JPGs for sharing and publishing convenience. Except that, they are pixel-for-pixel identical.

iPad Air 5 wallpapers

iPad Air 5 wallpapers

Although these wallpapers were designed for the iPad, your iPhone may still use them just well. On your computer, they can, however, appear a little strange. Your screen’s dimensions and resolution will determine this.

If you’re interested in the specifics, this wallpaper collection is formally known as Ribbons. It comes in 5 various hues, including Blue, Gray, Pink, Purple, and Starlight, each of which is offered in a Light or Dark mode variety.

I don’t know about you, but I particularly like the stark contrast of the Dark versions of the Blue, Pink, and Starlight desktops. On the screen of my old iPad Pro, they truly stand out. The quality of these wallpapers on an OLED iPad screen, whenever that may be, is beyond my imagination.

Looking for more wallpapers?

In our archive, there are hundreds of wallpapers to pick from, in a wide range of genres and fashions. You are welcome to browse our whole collection or, if you want, limit your search to only official Apple wallpapers.

Oh no, Apple!

Oh no, Apple!

Are the brand-new iPad Air 5 wallpapers recognizable? That is because the scribbly pattern is essentially an identical replica of the iPad Air 4 backgrounds. If you don’t believe me, look at the image below.

And that’s very depressing, especially for someone like me who eagerly anticipates the release of a new Apple program or product’s default wallpaper. Well, things are what they are.

The tech titan has thankfully released these lovely iPhone SE 3 and Mac Studio wallpapers. And I like these new hues, so I’ll forgive them for the time being.

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