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By Erric Buttlar

The Apple Music version of Spotify Wrapped won’t be available until the end of the year. Here’s how.

The Spotify Wrapped app displays the most popular artists, tracks, and genres. At the end of every year, social media is flooded with posts about this new function, but Apple Music fans need not worry. There are already playlists for 2022 Replays available.

There are a few interesting stats and specialized playlists in Apple Music Replay, but it’s not as comprehensive as Spotify Wrapped. Furthermore, we provide a list of the top artists, as well as the number of hours, listened to by them throughout the year.

Apple Music Replay stats and playlist can be viewed by following these steps:

  • Use a desktop-class browser to navigate to
  • You need to be logged in to Apple Music
  • The sharing stats are shown in the screenshot below
  • Check out the playlist at the bottom

You will be redirected to the Music app on iOS or an iPadOS device when you click the above link. The year’s metrics won’t be viewed, even though the playlist will be displayed. A desktop browser is needed to view the entire Replay website.

Every year, an automatic playlist is created and updated. Apple Music has been automatically generating playlists since 2015 when it launched.

You can make a playlist of the last 100 songs you listened to using the Apple Music Replay app. A playlist for every calendar year will also allow you to see how your music tastes have evolved over the years.

Get your playlists and stats at any time by visiting the Apple Music Replay website. Until the end of the year, the 2022 Replay playlist will be updated every Sunday with new songs. On the Replay website, more detailed stats will not be available for a while.


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