Recording iPhone 11 screen videos

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By Erric Buttlar

It doesn’t matter what iPhone you own, there are two ways to record video of what’s on the screen, whether you’re attempting to capture something for the future or creating a tutorial.

Irrespective of whether you are right there with them or not, you have probably asked someone at some point how to do something on their iPhone 11. If they were with you, you would have just done it for them on their iPhone. All they’d need to do is follow your instructions.

You can’t have them with you. There could be a family member halfway across the country or in the middle of a lockdown without the ability to visit. You’ll probably have to be more perceptive here.

With an iPhone, since shaking it undoes everything, they will probably undo a lot of things before realizing you meant to tap the teeny I button.

Screen-recording can be done instead. Follow your instructions, and let the iPhone make a video of you doing the things you’re explaining. After the video has been made, send it to them.

It works out for both of you in the end. Because they know what they need to do for each task, there’s no need to keep explaining the same thing over and over again.

A short video can be made quickly using one method, while a longer or more elaborate video requires another method. There is somewhat of a preparation required, however, since you must enable a screen recording button in Control Center.

Getting Control Center up and running

  • In the menu, choose Settings
  • From the drop-down list, choose Control Center
  • Select Customize to set your controls
  • If Screen Recording is not the first option on the list, choose it from the second.
  • Tap for order changes; hold to move an item
  • Click here to return

The initial appearance of the Control Center is horizontal, however, it will be reconfigured later. When using Control Center, both buttons will be arranged in rows. You can also rearrange controls only in the bottom half of the screen.

It is possible to record the screen once you have found the screen recording button.

Recording the iPhone’s screen

  • Uncover the Control Center by swiping down
  • Then click on “Record a Video”
  • Be aware of the three-second countdown
  • Up-swipe to exit Control Center
  • Show someone whatever it is that you need to show
  • Select the red clock located to the left of the screen
  • Touch the stop button to stop tapping

Record video. It appears as a white circle surrounded by a hollow white circle when you first access Control Center.

It becomes a countdown when tapped. Red dots appear. A red icon indicates recording is underway.

In Control Center, you swipe up to turn off the screen recording. You are taken back to the app you were using before or back to your regular home screen.

You will only notice a red background at the bottom left of the clock on your iPhone. You can stop recording by tapping the red background or red clock.

You record a video when you stop. The video can be accessed by opening the camera roll.

Email, Messages, or any other method of sending a photograph is then possible.

It’s easier to record longer videos with the iPhone 11

Short videos can be created by recording the screen in Control Center. They can be as long as you like until the iPhone fills up.

You can stop recording on your iPhone by turning it off. Therefore, you may need to select the Auto-Lock option under Settings, Display & Brightness.

You can quickly tap a button, and then tap the other end of it by swiping into Control Center. You can send videos one minute in length.

It may be more elaborate than you want. How long does a large app take to download over cellular? iOS clips can only be cut at the beginning of the end.

Annotate the screen if you like. Make a short recording of yourself describing something specific.

Control Center can be used to record, then iMovie for editing. Make elaborate screen recordings with the Mac’s installed recorder, however.

Screen capture of iPhone 11 using QuickTime Player

  • Connect a Mac to an iPhone using a Lightning cable
  • Your device is installed with QuickTime
  • Selecting new movies for recording
  • Click on the red record button and select the drop-down arrow
  • Click “Camera” in the menu and then select your iPhone
  • Now you have to start recording

The Mac QuickTime Player includes a screen recording option under New Movie Recording.

QuickTime Player has a square, black, stop button. Unlike the iPhone, you have to choose File, and Save when you want to save videos.

You can still edit the video in iMovie if you open it in QuickTime Player.

Other screen recording programs than Apple’s

You could use an alternative app such as Screen flow to sync your iPhone with your Mac. This is a third-party program for recording screens.

In addition to that, it is now almost a complete video production app. Zoom in on certain areas of the recording to build sequences.


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