Apple shipments increased for the last quarter

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Amongst the top smartphone vendors, Apple was the only one to increase shipments year-over-year for the last quarter

The last quarter of 2017 was the first time Apple saw a rise in its shipment figures year-over-year, while Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, and other top smartphone brands saw steep declines in their respective shipments.

I was pretty pleased to hear that Apple announced record earnings for the March quarter, with more than $97 billion in revenue. That was higher than expected, by a long shot. As a result of these results, Strategy Analytics, Canalys, and IDC have released their estimates of smartphone shipments for the third quarter of this year. Apple was the only manufacturer to have experienced growth in the last quarter but the reports from the other two differed in the details and estimates they provided.

Apple shipments increased for the last quarter-figures

During the third quarter of last year, according to Canalys, Apple saw a growth of 8% in market share over the same period last year. Apple now has a share of 18% of the total market share. Even though Apple still has a laggard position in terms of overall market share, Samsung saw its market share decline by 4% during the last quarter. The strategy analytics company indicates that other manufacturers of Android smartphones saw market share drops of 29.6% and 30.0%, respectively, according to Strategy Analytics.

A recent report from Apple states that the iPhone grew over 5% year-over-year, generating $50.6 billion in revenue despite ongoing supply constraints. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive officer, says the company expects strong demand from customers for its iPhone 13 lineup going forward. It is no secret that Apple has been facing supply chain problems due to the new COVID-19 restrictions that are in place in mainland China. This is expected to affect Apple’s overall revenue during the second quarter of this year.

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