Apple releases the third beta of macOS Monterey 12.4  public beta to developers

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It was announced today that Apple has seeded the third beta of an upcoming macOS Monterey 12.4 update to developers for testing purposes. This comes a week after the release of the second beta of macOS Monterey 12.4.

Developers can download the beta from the Apple Developer Center, and once the appropriate profile has been installed, betas will be available under the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences once they are downloaded.

The release notes suggest that Universal Control is incompatible with older versions of macOS and iPadOS, so users should update the Universal Control devices to the new betas to restore compatibility. As a workaround, Apple suggests that users update their Universal Control devices to a later beta version of macOS or iPadOS.

As of today, we do not know if macOS Monterey 12.4 has any other features, and nothing new was found in the first two betas of the new OS.

Some of the most frequently asked questions can be found below:

How does Apple Beta Software work? What does it do?

The Apple Beta Software Program allows users to test pre-release software before regular users can use it. We are hoping that you will provide us with feedback on Apple’s quality and usability so that we can identify problems, fix them, and improve the product.

There can still be errors or inaccuracies in this public beta version of Apple’s software, and it might not function the same way as the most current commercial versions as it is still a beta version of Apple’s software that has not been commercially released by Apple. Make sure you back up your devices using Time Machine before you begin installing beta software on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if you intend to install beta software.

As long as you don’t have a business-critical device, you do not need to back up your Apple TV, since all of your purchases and data are saved in the cloud, so you do not have to Unless you are using devices that will not be used in production, download beta software only if you need to back up your Apple TV. Installing on multiple operating systems or devices, or installing on a secondary partition of your Mac, is strongly recommended if you will be installing the software on multiple systems or devices.

How confidential is software released to the public as a beta test?

According to Apple, beta software is classified as confidential information, so yes, it is confidential information. If you cannot control the system directly or if it is shared, it is not recommended that you install the public beta software. We strongly encourage you not to post screenshots, tweet, blog about, or otherwise share the public beta software with anyone who is not a member of the Apple Beta Software Program, unless you are part of the Apple Beta Software Program. Whenever Apple’s public beta software’s technical details are released in the public domain, they cease to be considered confidential.

If I wish to participate in Apple Beta Software Program, how will I be contacted? In what manner will I be contacted?

The participants of the Apple Beta Software Program must provide their Apple ID contact information to participate in the program.

What do you think is better, Apple’s Developer Program or the Apple Beta Software Program? How different are they?

User evaluations precede the release of beta software. App developers can test their programs through the Apple Developer Program. Depending on which beta software is distributed to Apple Beta Program participants and which beta software is distributed to Apple Developer Program participants, there may be differences. Apple Developer Program provides additional resources that are essential for developers, so you will benefit from them if you are one of them.

How can we know the availability of these updates? How can we get access to macOS Monterey 12.4?

Apple lets you It is possible to enroll your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, or Apple Watch in the Apple Beta Program, which will allow you to be notified when public beta updates are available, as well as download them directly from the software update page within the iOS Software Update, Mac App Store, and tvOS Software Update.

What is the best way to provide feedback to Apple? Which method is best?

Alternatively, you can get to it from Mac’s apps menu or your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch’s home screen. In the public beta versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, Feedback Assistant is included as part of the default settings. Moreover, a third app can be found in the help section of any app by the name of Feedback Assistant.

The option can be found on the Send Feedback page of the app. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can give feedback via the Feedback Assistant app on your iOS device when the public beta software for tvOS is available. Apple has a Feedback Assistant which you can use if you encounter a problem or find something that’s not working as it should.

Would anyone be able to participate in the project?

Apple Beta Software Program registration is only possible if you have a valid Apple ID and accept the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement. I recommend that you use your Apple ID if you already have one. Apple IDs are required for iCloud accounts, so if you do not have one, create one. If you don’t have an account yet, you should first create an iCloud or Apple ID.

Do I have to buy the software as well as the program to join the program? Is there a charge to join the program?

In short, no. You will not need to pay any money for either the program or the software.

What is the compensation for testing?

Because this is a voluntary program, you won’t be compensated.


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