Germany and Singapore are now added to Apple Maps

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Now you can use Apple Maps in Germany and Singapore. Among the most notable features of the new version are the deeper coverage of roads, improved navigation, three-dimensional landmarks, enhanced views of parks, buildings, airports, and shopping centers, and a Look Around function.

According to Apple Maps enthusiast Justin O’Beirne, an Apple Maps enthusiast, this expansion follows 48 days of public testing, and thus marks the fourteenth time the company has expanded its new map data since the launch of Apple Maps to the public in September 2018…

Germany and Singapore are now added to Apple Maps-singapore map

The Singapore and German maps make them the twelfth and thirteenth countries to receive Apple’s new map information, and Singapore is the first Asian country to receive it.

Apple’s new map data now covers 8.5% of Earth’s population (or 673 million people worldwide) as well as 18.4% of the Earth’s land surface. This is according to O’Beirne.

After nearly four years of growth and almost eight years of data collection, that’s a pretty impressive achievement. The next update will likely include France and Monaco, considering Apple’s expansion patterns over the years.

Initially introduced with iOS 12, Apple’s redesigned maps have been in the works since then, and the Cupertino company has been working tirelessly to make them better since then. The new version of the Maps application offers users an improved navigation experience, along with more detailed views of roads, buildings, malls, sports fields, foliage, pools, pedestrian pathways, bodies of water, and more.

London, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco users of Google Maps will now be able to experience a three-dimensional view of their city with fine detail, enhanced navigation, a walking route in 3D, and more

The release of iOS 15 will mark the biggest update in the history of Apple Maps, offering powerful city information for the first time augmented reality walks, better driving directions, and better navigation, among many other new features.

Specifically, the new update will provide an expansion of the new map that Apple has spent a great deal of time developing, and which is The service is currently available in London, Los Angeles, New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area, and will be added to others soon.

It is with great pleasure that we now have the opportunity to offer our customers the new Apple Maps experience. The best way to navigate the world is by using Google Maps: it is intuitive, easy to use, eye-catching, and designed based on the premise that privacy is at the center of everything it does. The improvements in Apple Maps, which will continue to roll out over the coming months, will offer features and attention to detail that only Apple can deliver.

“As we push Maps even further, we’re offering users more ways to experience nature as well as explore cities in a new 3D perspective,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services.

Enhanced navigation on Apple Maps provides a better driving experience for the driver

As a result of updates to the maps, you can now find even more details about the roads that will make it easier for drivers to navigate through cities easily and safely.

Objects such as turn lanes, medians, bus lanes, crosswalks, and transit corridors can be configured to suit the needs of drivers at busy intersections and highways with complex interchanges can be shown in a 3D view at road level, thus allowing them to gauge upcoming traffic conditions and to decide the best route for the next exit.

Based on the traffic we are likely to encounter during our routes, we can predict the expected arrival time for future departures using route planning. Later this year, car owners will be able to use the new navigation system in conjunction with CarPlay.

Privacy & Maps

With Maps, Apple has built privacy right into the core, and the company is committed to it. You don’t have to sign in to use it. With artificial intelligence, it can create personalized features, like suggesting departure times so you’re on time for your next appointment.

To prevent the data from being associated with a particular user, all the data Maps collects during usage, such as search terms, navigation routes, and traffic information, are associated with random identification numbers.

Apple will use fuzzing to disguise a user’s precise location on the Apple servers when that user searches for a specific location, as long as the location is fuzzed on the Apple servers. The search engine converts the precise location where the search was performed to a less-exact location within 24 hours.


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