Can you tell me what model of iPad you have? Find out how to tell

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By Erric Buttlar

If you have an Apple iPad, you can find out what configuration it is.

It is essential that you have your iPad model number to sell it. It can also be used to find out if your iPad can run an iOS or iPadOS update.

Apple iPad models are easy to identify.

You can check it on the back

On the back of your iPad, you will find the model number. The method still works even though your device cannot be unlocked or powered up.

At the back, you’ll see the usual text stating that the iPad is assembled in China and designed in California. It has an A-number next to it.

Besides the iPad’s generation and region, it is identified by its mobile capabilities and region.

Storage capacity cannot be determined by the model number. The second “SKU” model number is located in the iPad’s Settings application.

Navigate to Settings

You can find out a few more details when you power up and unlock your iPad model.

Open your device’s Settings app. Go to General > About.

This page will show you three columns: iPad name, iPad model, and software version of the iPad currently installed on the device. The model number appears below the name of the iPad.

Unlike the one on your rear, this model number is different. The SKU is internal.

In most cases, you don’t need this number, but it gives you some information about your iPad. You should see results for your device’s model number if you run a Google search for the SKU number.

On the rear of the device, you will also see the “A” model number.
In this About menu, you can also see how much storage space your device has.

Details that may identify you

If neither of these places displays your iPad’s model number, try to identify it by its physical characteristics.

The tablet’s general model or variant is all you can use to identify it, not its particular configuration or model.

The new iPad Air and iPad Pro, as well as the 2020 iPad Pro, do not have front-facing home buttons. There are no home buttons on these iPads.

The design and size of your iPad can also indicate its generation. Apple iPad Air and Pro models from 2018 and 2020 have slim bezels, although cheaper models may also have traditional bezels. iPhones have larger screens than iPads. Check the diagonal.

Three different charging ports have been used by the iPad lineup. A USB Type-C charger is used by Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Pro. The iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2 use Lightning connections. You can use 30-pin chargers on iPads older than three years.

Having both Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities means your iPad has a SIM card slot. If it does not, then it only has Wi-Fi capabilities.






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