Apple reveals the charging specifications for its new dual USB-C power adapters.

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Apple has released a new support document related to its new dual USB-C describing how power is distributed when devices are connected to both ports, after the start of orders for the two new 35-watt twin USB-C power adapters announced at WWDC yesterday.

Except when one of the connected devices has very modest power consumption, such as an Apple Watch or AirPods case, the 35 total watts will be distributed evenly between the two connected devices in most instances.

  • When a Mac laptop and an iPhone or iPad are connected, each device receives up to 17.5W of power.
  • When an iPhone and an iPad are connected, each device receives up to 17.5W.
  • When a Mac laptop or iPhone is connected to an Apple Watch or AirPods, the Mac notebook or iPhone receives up to 27.5W, while the Apple Watch or AirPods receives up to 7.5W.

The basic version of the dual USB-C converter is available globally and includes a replaceable plug head for use with international plug heads and extension cords.

Only the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, and a few other nations that utilize the Type A plug type have the tiny version.

The new adapters will go with higher configurations of the new MacBook Air debuting next month, and both models will cost $59 in the United States.

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