Google Workspace update gives you another reason to abandon Microsoft 365

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By Erric Buttlar

For users of Google Workspace, editing Microsoft Office files like Word docs and Excel spreadsheets should become much easier.

In order to address concerns with overwriting and content restoration, the business has announced a number of changes to how Workspace users interact with Microsoft Office files, including enhanced alerts about file type and editing.

In the future, Google Workspace users will notice a variety of additional messages and warnings if they open a Microsoft Office formatted file in Office editing mode, as detailed in an update blog post (opens in new tab).

Workspace from Google and Office

According to Google, the warnings, which will show up across Docs, Sheets, and Slides, will help users understand any discrepancies they may see and assist them in editing or restoring text.

A new Office-formatted notice that warns of compatibility information that will show up during your time in a document, spreadsheet, or slide presentation is one of the alerts. These problems could worsen and cause compatibility problems or prevent the use of certain Office functions.

A pop-up notice allowing users to instantly examine and restore previous versions of the document, spreadsheet, or slide presentation will also be launched. Additionally, users will be able to see a document’s version history and, if necessary, roll back to a particular version.

According to Google, the new editing alerts will always be displayed when a user opens a Microsoft Office document and will be enabled by default.

Within the next several weeks, the upgrade should be accessible to all Google Workspace subscribers, as well as users with personal accounts and traditional G Suite Basic and Business customers.

The change represents Google Workspace’s most recent attempt to close the gap between itself and Microsoft Office.

It was recently announced by the firm that customers would now get access to the ability to edit Microsoft Office files from inside Google Workspace without the requirement for an internet connection, enhancing functionality and increasing user productivity everywhere.

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