Here are the top PUBG Mobile controller alternatives for iOS and Android.

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By Erric Buttlar

With titles like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile delivering console-quality action on smartphones, mobile gaming has advanced significantly in recent years. Touch-screen controls do have certain drawbacks, however. Any player, regardless of skill level, would benefit from using a controller while playing PUBG Mobile or any other mobile game.

Contrary to Cod Mobile, which supports a number of well-liked controllers, PUBG Mobile’s controller compatibility remains restricted years after the game was first released. Having saying that, there are various methods to improve the encounter. Here is all the information you want for PUBG Mobile controller support.

Has PUBG Mobile support for controllers?

Here are the top PUBG Mobile controller alternatives for iOS and Android-1

Bluetooth controllers are not supported by PUBG Mobile on Android or iOS devices. There are workarounds for this using certain plug-ins and hardware, but they are not officially approved and might result in account suspension.

There is only one way to use a controller to play PUBG Mobile, though. Simply install it on your PC using a Tencent Gaming Buddy or Blue stacks-compatible PUBG Mobile PC emulator. You may utilize any PC gaming controller or mouse and keyboard with these programmes thanks to the comprehensive customization of inputs that is possible. Even if you are joined with pals on a mobile device, playing via an emulator will match you with other emulation players. You and your team can be at a disadvantage as a result.

There are several controller alternatives available if you prefer to play on a PC. The Xbox One Wireless controller is our choice for the finest PUBG Mobile controller. If you don’t already own one, you can purchase one at the link below. This controller has long been a standard for consoles.

Wireless Xbox Controller for Microsoft

Here are the top PUBG Mobile controller alternatives for iOS and Android-2

Since the Duke era, the Xbox controller has advanced significantly and is now more powerful than ever. The new design is comfortable in your hands and should provide hours of use.

Which Android and iOS PUBG Mobile controllers are the best?

Although PUBG Mobile does not allow complete controllers, a few manufacturers do provide products that are compatible with the popular battle royal game. These are basically phone-mounted trigger adapters that let you fire without removing your thumbs from the virtual sticks. They function on Android and iOS smartphones since they don’t need any software.

They come in two varieties: one that just has the clips and one that encloses your full phone. Both are substantially simpler to learn than “claw” grips and will work with PUBG Mobile or any other mobile game. Below are some of our favourite PUBG Mobile triggers.

Sticking phone joysticks to your screen will provide the triggers a somewhat more tactile sensation. Although you won’t be able to run in PUBG due to them, they are much simpler to spot without looking and may cover a significant portion of the screen on smaller phones. Hardcore PUBG Mobile gamers have nothing to lose by trying them out since they are also incredibly affordable!

Mobile game Emish causes

Here are the top PUBG Mobile controller alternatives for iOS and Android-3

These simple game triggers will work if you want to win in PUBG, Fortnite, or Cod Mobile but don’t want to carry a whole Bluetooth controller everywhere with you. They attach to the top of your phone and allow you to move around while shooting without using weird claw grip methods.


Here are the top PUBG Mobile controller alternatives for iOS and Android-4

Even while PUBG Mobile does not fully support controllers, this very cheap gamepad comes the closest. It has two back triggers and ergonomic grips. Even some variants come with fans and charging ports, and the telescopic back accommodates phones up to 3.35 inches wide.

Vakili Game Joystick for Mobile Phones

Here are the top PUBG Mobile controller alternatives for iOS and Android-5

The ideal mobile gaming accessory, this suction-cup joystick works with a range of action titles, including PUBG Mobile, Cod Mobile, and Brawl Stars. It installs quickly, works with screen protectors, and is simple to take off and clean.

How does PUBG Mobile work with controllers?

Although the aforementioned clips are fast and simple to install, you still need to complete one more step before you can drop into Erangel or Vikendi. You must go into options and modify your control scheme in order for the fire buttons to show up below the trigger places.

To accomplish this, click the Settings in-game, then hit Customize Buttons. Choose a layout, then click Customize. Any buttons you want may be moved to the screen’s top, where the triggers are located. Additionally, you may wish to design and save a new layout. You may change layouts in this manner when using PUBG Mobile triggers is not necessary. When done, choose Save and Exit

How to customize buttons in PUBG:

  • During a match, hit the Settings gear.
  • Go into the Customize Buttons tab.

Here are the top PUBG Mobile controller alternatives for iOS and Android-6

  • Select one of the layouts and select Customize.
  • Move the buttons as you please.

Here are the top PUBG Mobile controller alternatives for iOS and Android-last

  • Hit Save.
  • Tap on the Exit button.

Will PUBG Mobile eventually include support for controllers?

Years have passed since the initial release of PUBG Mobile, and neither Tencent nor Lightspeed & Quantum have given any indication that future controller compatibility would be added. However, Call of Duty Mobile, another well-known brand from Tencent, gained controller compatibility in late 2019. That implies that they could come back to the feature later.

As soon as we learn more, we’ll let you know, but for the time being, have a look at some of our other PUBG Mobile articles. In addition to expert assistance, we also offer a fantastic array of tips and techniques.

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