How to delete Instagram messages on iOS and Android

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By Erric Buttlar

Sometimes, when using social media online, you may write chats or messages that you would rather forget or, if possible, completely remove from your account. If you want to alter chats or delete Instagram messages after using Facebook’s Instagram app. You might be pleased to hear that the Instagram Direct app’s development team at Meta, formerly known as Facebook, offers a simple mechanism for you to erase a message.

Open the Instagram app on your phone or tablet, regardless of whether you are using iOS or Android, and then just follow the steps below to erase your interactions and Instagram messages. This simple article will walk you through the process of deleting your Instagram messages permanently if you want to clean up your account and get rid of those undesirable interactions.

Delete Instagram conversations

  1. In the upper right corner of your feed when using the Instagram app, choose the paper aeroplane or Messenger icon sign.
  2. This will provide you a list of all the discussions you’ve had on Instagram.
  3. To remove a discussion from your feed on iOS and iPhone devices, just swipe left on the conversation you want to remove.
  4. To erase a chat or a message on an Android smartphone, press it and hold your finger down.
  5. The programme will then request that you hit Delete to confirm your selection.

Unwanted Instagram Direct messages and chats can be removed, but they will no longer appear in your inbox. Other Instagram users and others who were engaged in the chat will still have access to them. It’s also important to keep in mind that your data download file does not contain any unsent messages or deleted chats from your Instagram account.

How to delete Instagram messages

The steps listed below might help you unsend or erase a message you’ve sent using Instagram Direct.

  1. Launch the Instagram app, then tap the feed symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. Typically, a paper aeroplane or Messenger symbol is used.
  2. Once more, choose the Conversation that contains the messages you want to remove.
  3. Navigate to the message you want to delete or unsend.
  4. Hold the message in your fingertip to show the Unsend option.
  5. When prompted, confirm that you want to unsend the message.

Remember that other participants in the chat may have already viewed the message even if you are deleting or rather unsending it. The Instagram message will no longer be featured in the conversation once you have erased it from your account.

Unfortunately, inside the Instagram programme, Facebook, or more precisely Meta, does not offer a means to delete several chats or messages at once. Therefore, if you want to remove a message or chat from the programme, you must repeat the procedures outlined above.

There are third-party tools and services that can automate the process if you have a large number of messages or conversations to remove from Instagram Direct, but those are covered in a different post at a later time. Because of Apple’s strict terms and conditions, which prevent developers from performing certain actions from within their apps, more recent applications are currently available for Android than iOS. However, Google will quickly list recent applications if you search for “automating actions on your phone.”

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