UK iPad Pro prices increase 25 percent

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By Erric Buttlar

Since Apple released its new iPad Pro models yesterday, the iPad Pro prices has climbed dramatically in the UK. While the price of the tablets is the same in the USA, it has gone up by 25%.

The 11-inch iPad Pro started at £719, while the 12.9-inch model started at £999, before the new iPad Pro tablets were shown yesterday.

The price of these new tablets has increased by 25% in the UK since the introduction of the M2 iPad Pro.

Both iPad Pro versions, which were previously £899 for the 11-inch device and £1,249 for the 12.9-inch model, are now 25% more costly than their forerunners.

One of the causes for the UK iPad Pro price hike might be the recent decline in the value of the pound relative to the dollar, despite a minor recovery.

In the UK, Apple is also raising the cost of several of its other products. For example, the iPad Air now costs £669 instead of the £669 it once did. In addition, the price of the iPad Mini rose from £479 to £569.

Apple has also raised the cost of the Apple AirTag; a single unit now costs £35 instead of the prior £29 pricing. The price of a bundle of four AirTags has increased from £99 to £119.

We’ll have to wait and see if these price hikes have any impact on Apple’s sales in the UK, but £1249 for a 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a significant price increase.

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