How to fix an iPhone black screen, that won’t turn on

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By Erric Buttlar

Numerous factors might be at blame for your iPhone black screen and unresponsive. Typically, the best way to address this is to attempt a few alternative approaches because different methods could work. You should be able to fix your iPhone using these practical tips.

Why is my iPhone screen black?

Your iPhone’s screen going dark typically indicates that a problem is preventing it from functioning. Either the gadget is off or it won’t restart in its regular condition.

This issue can be caused by a number of things. The issue could be brought on by a malfunction in your device’s hardware, software, low battery, an app, and more. Additionally, there are a number of other methods you can try to fix your iPhone.

How do I fix the iPhone’s black screen?

Plug your iPhone into a charging cable and check to see whether the device begins to charge as the first possible remedy. This is your problem if the display displays a red low battery signal.

We advise you to connect the device in and let it charge for a while because it could take some time to realize that a low battery is a problem. A decent time to see if the battery is the problem is often 15 minutes.

After that, you can attempt to switch your iPhone back on. It ought to should start up if the battery was the problem. If the battery level is really low, it can merely show the low battery indication; if it does this, you should leave the device charging for at least an hour to see if you can get it to boot up.

My iPhone still won’t turn on; what can I try next?

The next item that can be causing the problem on your iPhone is a software bug or a problematic app. numerous software problems might prevent your iPhone from starting up. Hard resetting your smartphone is the best approach to determine if this is the issue.

On the most recent iPhone models, you may do this simply pushing and letting go of the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. The power button must be pressed and held down until the Apple logo shows. Your iPhone should restart and go back to normal if you can see the Apple logo, meaning it worked. There are different methods for various devices, and Apple has more details on this on their website.

My iPhone is still not working; anything else I can try?

If none of the aforementioned solutions have worked, your device may have a hardware problem. You may check this by connecting your device to a computer. If the iPhone is recognized by your computer, it is likely switched on. However, there could be an issue with the display.

If the iPhone is not recognized by the computer, there may be another problem preventing the device from turning on. It might be a good idea to take your gadget to a repairman if you have tried all of the aforementioned fixes. They will diagnose the problem for you and maybe fix it.

You may take it to an Apple Store, a third-party repairer, or an Apple Authorized repairer, all of whom should be able to explain what’s wrong with your iPhone and how to fix it.a

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