How to fix an iPhone with a yellow battery

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By Erric Buttlar

Have you ever noticed that the battery on your iPhone appears yellow battery  instead of its usual colour? There is a cause for this as well as a simple solution. This article discusses the cause of your iPhone battery’s yellow display and offers solutions.

When their iPhone battery turns yellow, many people question whether there is a problem with their iPhone or with their iPhone. When you see a yellow battery indication like the one in the image above, you shouldn’t be concerned.

Why has the battery indicator on my iPhone turned yellow?

Your iPhone’s battery indicator is yellow because it is in low power mode, which may be utilized when you need more power from your smartphone but don’t want to drain the battery completely.

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You have the choice to switch to low power mode when the battery life on your iPhone falls below 20%. People may use this option unknowingly and then wonder why their device’s battery indicator has gone yellow.

How do I get my iPhone battery back to its normal color?

It’s simple to solve; just off low power mode and go back to standard battery mode to get rid of the yellow battery on your smartphone.

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Your device may be set to revert to regular battery mode by heading to Settings and setting the low power mode toggle off. See the image below for an example.

What is low power mode and when should I use it?

When the battery on your iPhone is becoming low, you may utilize the low power mode, which is a useful mode. In order to save battery life, your smartphone will turn off a variety of features when you go to low power mode.

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Low power mode lowers the battery consumption of functions including background app refresh, email fetch, automated downloads, and temporary pauses of iCloud photographs, as well as some of the visual effects on your iPhone.

On Apple’s website, you can learn more about how to use Low Power Mode on your iPhone and how it might benefit you when your battery is running low.

We hope this explains the cause of your iPhone’s battery changing colour as well as how to restore it to its original shade. In order to utilize the Low Power Mode on your iPhone when you need a little additional power, we also hope that you will find the information about it to be helpful.

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